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The Recruitment Crowd (TRC Group), Winner of the Great Companies Global Business Award - 2022

Business Name: .The Recruitment Crowd (TRC Group)

Name:Luke John Fowler

Location: Leeds, England

Establishment (Year): 2012

Category / Industry: Recruitment / Staffing and HR

Sub Category / Sub Industry: Recruitment

Number of employees: 11-50 employees

Company Detail:

The Recruitment Crowd is a recruitment agency founded in Leeds. With offices in Leeds, Newcastle & Wakefield, they recruit all across the UK for both temporary and permanent roles. They recruit in all sectors and disciplines from Industrial and Logistics to Healthcare to Sales & Commercial.

The solutions to Customer problems:


They help job seekers find their dream roles and they help companies secure excellent employees for their business.


Through recruitment solutions.

Unique Value Proposition:

  • They break the mold when it comes to recruitment agencies.

  • They’re bold, brave, and recruit in every industry.

  • They have a bespoke recruitment app.

  • An internal marketing team and a bespoke CRM system.

Target Market:

  • Their target market and ideal customer are very broad.

  • Their customers are all job seekers and all companies looking to use a recruitment agency to help them secure top talent.

Company’s Internal Objectives related to innovation, customer service, and operational excellence:

  • Improve or focus research and development,

  • Investing on Great customer service,

  • Improve customer retention.

A customer’s review:

  • Reliable products/services,

  • Best Service,

  • Understands my needs.

Benefits to Employees:

  • Positive Work Environment,

  • Effective Communication,

  • A Fair Salary,

  • Job Security,

  • Freedom in the Workplace,

  • Work-Life Balance,

  • Offer Training and Development,

  • Growth Career Opportunities

Community / Society Service:

They regularly participate in charity events throughout the UK and raise money for various charities.



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