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The Business Chick, Winner of the Great Companies Global Business Award - 2022

Business Name: The Business Chick

Name: Lisa Guglielmino

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Establishment (Year): 2015

Category / Industry: Education and E-Learning

Sub Category / Sub Industry: Skill Development

Number of employees: 1-10 employees

Website URL:

LinkedIn URL:

Company Detail:

The Business Chick supports small business owners through the ups and downs of growing their businesses with hands-on training and coaching in team culture, leadership, time management, and management mindset.

The solutions to Customer problems:


The Business Chick customers come struggling to manage the pressures associated with business growth such as the self-confidence to make high-impact decisions, communication skills that empower action in others, overloaded, and time-poor.


The Business Chick offers bespoke programs to suit each client. They work one-on-one with business leaders and their managers in all areas of business structure. They also run workshops with their teams to build unity and culture for high performance.

Unique Value Proposition:

Lisa G - The Business Chick is a personable hands-on trainer and coach who goes above and beyond for her clients. Their programs are bespoke and flexible to suit the constantly changing challenges of small businesses which gives their clients the confidence they are supported.

Target Market:

The Business Chick's market is Business owners with 10-50 staff. Their ideal customer is a female director of a company in accounting, bookkeeping, or financial services.

Company’s Internal Objectives related to innovation, customer service, and operational excellence:

  • Improve customer retention

  • Streamline core business processes

A customer’s review:

  • Best value for the cost

  • Reliable products/services

  • Best Service

  • Understanding my needs

  • Most innovative products/services

The main point of attraction:

  • Positive Work Environment

  • Effective Communication

  • A Fair Salary

  • Freedom in the Workplace

  • Work-Life Balance

Community / Society Service:

The Business Chick assists local community associations and small business forums with probono training possible with a focus on improving the future of youth through action sports campaigns.

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