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Tejal Lakkar- Cake Artist and Owner of Cakeazzle

Great Companies: What does Cakeazzle provide to its customers?

Tejal Lakkar: we are an eggless cake studio. We specialise in customised cakes, cupcakes & other desserts for all occasions, 3-Dimensional cakes, gravity defying cakes & surprise inside cakes. we use only natural extracts and no preservatives in our bakes.

Great Companies: How was the idea of Cakeazzle formed?

Tejal Lakkar: A hobby baker turned professional, I’m someone who believes in “Life is short, eat dessert first!” I baked for friends and family. I baked on mood swings too, as a stress buster! Such was my passion for cakes that they became my soft cosy getaway from everything else! Yet, I always looked at my baking venture as a retirement gift to myself!

On a turning point in life, I asked myself, why then, do it now! With absolute and unconditional support from my husband and the entire family, Cakeazzle came into existence.

Great Companies:  How are you planning to ensure the happiness of each client?

Tejal Lakkar: Keen attention to details specified by client. We strive to execute & depict them on the cake along with maintaining best quality of ingredients. 

If one can think it - we can bake it! Our goal is to convert one’s imagination into a cake that’s uniquely his.

Great Companies:  What are the main struggles you are facing in the setting up of Cakeazzle?

Tejal Lakkar: Work life balance is tough as most celebrations are on weekends and that makes weekends working days for us bakers. But with the support of the spouse and family members, it’s a doable challenge.

Great Companies:  How are you planning to make Cakeazzle unique from other cake studios?

Tejal Lakkar: our designs and ideas are a unique combination of quality and innovation. For example, our surprise inside cakes give the customer a unique keepsake along with the delicious cake.



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