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Tarun Papali, Founder at (The) TP Concepts

Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Tarun Papali: It all came about some time ago when I was no longer happy with my wallet. It was from a good brand but by design was very bulky, and I was keen to use something slimmer and more practical.

I spent time trying to find options in the market in India only to realise that none were really different or unique, and so I looked to make a slimmer wallet. In the international market, I found many lovely ideas within different kinds of wallets but the price for any of them was much higher than I would ever look to spend on such a product.

This fuelled my desire to begin trying to design my own that I could later get made for myself. During this process and making paper prototypes that I showed family and friends, I learnt that others would also like to have better options.

Hence going step by step and even trying to scope alternate materials, I ended up preferring to use leather and creating concepts that I hoped would speak to the practical buyer.. and TP Concepts was born.

Great Companies: What are the various Services provided by (The) TP Concepts

Tarun Papali: At the moment, TP Concepts launches a set of wallets for both male and female customers. Each wallet could either be a completely new design or an earlier edition in Newer colours.

At TP Concepts, we aim to try and give our customers a chance at finding something new and unique with each batch that is launched.

We also cater to personal custom orders, corporate orders etc.. and will be happy to help the customer design something awesome and completely practical for their use or for gifting purposes.

Great Companies: What makes (The) TP Concepts different from hundreds of other Retail Firms?

Tarun Papali: An ever changing world requires products to match. Taking on the challenge is TP Concepts - enabling you to choose and use smart and thoughtful products that are handcrafted with you in mind!

Our Vision: Creating Fun, Trendy & Practical products for your Indulgence. Making them simple yet totally enjoyable & minimalistic.

We design and create concepts through my creative sparks .. where I learn from the market, domestic customers as well as international concepts and trends.

Our Mission (USP): Taking a step forward by creating products keeping in mind the user of today as well the trends in the world. Blending functionality with style and panache seamlessly ;) !!

Our primary focus with each product created is practicality and functionality but with good looks to match. Choosing to provide our customers with products consisting of pockets and spaces that enhance our product in their use. When left unused these spaces do not take up unnecessary space or make the product bulky. Also, we choose to offer colour combinations and designs that are fun and different to what you generally find in the market. You basically have to see them to believe it.

The Result: Quality products at a price that doesn't hurt you.So give us a try and step into a new world... choosing for yourself how you carry and use your daily essentials. :D

Great Companies: What are the struggles and challenges you face?

Tarun Papali: As TP Concepts is still young and thereby small, in other words a start up, we do not manufacture in house and instead work with a manufacturing partner to make our concepts a reality.

As with basically any product creation there are challenges to get the final product right. For us a lot of times, it is getting the communication right with the manufacturing team. Both sides have different levels of experience and usage hence understanding of terms, colours etc used can vary.

All parts of a Concept don't always work and being able to find solutions that actually make sense in wallet manufacturing are essential. As TP Concepts products are essentially designed to be minimalistic, it is key to ensure the product itself is slim yet with no loss of practicality for the general user.

Not to forget offering products that are different yet make a customer happy to use on a daily or need basis or even be happy to consider as a gift to another.

One of the biggest challenges and struggles we face is Convincing a customer of our products, as we are still building the brand and it isn't possible to explain each element of unique design to a product that could help the customer to compare with another wallet they are considering or already use.

All of this and possibly more will be things we have to face and work on overcoming.

Great Companies: How do you plan to grow in the future? What does 5 years down the line look like for (The) TP Concepts?

Tarun Papali: TP Concepts has barely covered the tip of the iceberg and that means there could be a lot to come from us over the next few years. As we first look to establish the brand locally and at the same time look to make inroads internationally as well.

Keeping in mind that the general needs of a customer can change and usage of items change along with this it is important that we as a company consider this with any product we look to conceptualize for our customer base in the present or the future. Added to this, as there is a fair difference with the use, choice and desires in such products between India and internationally, a consistent trend and connection to these is required in order to create products that stay and are relevant for the market.

Great Companies: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Tarun Papali: Look to be like two items.. 1. A black board, 2. A sponge.

A black board because you start with a clean slate and begin to fill up your board with many things but you must be ready to change things, erase what you know and follow and maybe even rewrite the process. Have space to experiment and accept feedback. You alone don't need to write things on the board though it will be mostly up to you to decide if what is there should stay or not. Nothing on your board is 100% permanent but the important things do not get erased. Just like you might have experienced in school your board is your learning tool and depending on how you use it you will reap the benefits.

A sponge because when you are just starting out there is so much you need to soak in -- both good and bad. You will have to learn to retain the useful and wise things and discard the bad and unwanted. The journey you take will be your own but you can learn from others mistakes and look to avoid falling into the same ones.



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