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Tarang S. Jain Young Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2021

Name : Tarang S. Jain

Business Name : Artiste360 - The Art School

City : Mumbai

Country : India

Website URL :

About Brand/Company : Artiste360 - The Art School aims to build artistic mindsets with unique programs that fashion individuals into imaginative, independent thinkers and creators through exposure to all-round artistic development. Artiste360 is open to all aged nine and above who are curious and passionate about art. Our focus is on establishing a strong, long-lasting foundation of learning. We equip students with essential skills and knowledge for them to independently express their creativity, imagination and perception through art.

All our courses are curated by our team keeping in mind—after research—how we can make use of minimum time to maximise the student’s efficiencies. We try to make a balanced program. For example, in our Architecture program students from grade 9, 10 and 11 understand what their 5-year journey in pursuing architecture will look like and what comes beyond that i.e what they’ll require to build their career in the field. We touch upon these essentials and the students then create a design and actually turn it into a 3D model. It’s a complete program where they’ve experimented, they've learned and have been exposed to the multiple dimensions of a program. They gain clarity on what lies ahead and if it’s something that they are truly interested in.

Our programs cover a range of art mediums and scopes that include ART PORTFOLIO DEVELOPMENT, DOCUMENTARY FILMMAKING, ARCHITECTURE, VIDEO EDITING, graphic design, creative thinking, zine, comic drawing, digital illustration, figure study, portrait study, charcoal art, sculpture-making, photography, string art, watercolors, acrylic and oil painting.



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