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Tapasi Ritika Sunita Archana - Great Companies Women Entrepreneur Award Winner 2023

Name: Tapasi Ritika Sunita Archana

Business Name: TRSA India Pvt ltd

Location: New Delhi, India

Established (Year): 2022

Category/Industry: Manufacturing and Retail

Profession/Speciality: Manufacturing and Trading


Social Media: LinkedIn

Company Details:

With high-quality fabrics, unmatched fabrics, and dependability, this is a uniform manufacturing company in India. The company believes in the motto that a uniform speaks a lot about your brand, your company, and your attitude towards business. The company abides by timekeeping, being reliable and sustainable, and providing affordable products and services.

Unique Selling Proposition/ Competitive Advantage:

The company makes products based on the combination of being comfortable and being of good quality. The uniforms are skin-friendly, sweat-absorptive, colorfast, and assure proper fitting. The company tries to understand the client’s requirements right from colour to fabric or any other customization that they want in the uniform.

Challenges Faced During the Journey:

Being a woman-run enterprise was looked down upon because people thought we would not be able to pull it off. Although the customers were pleasantly surprised by our prices, getting payments is still a big challenge for some because many feel that being women, we can be overruled on payments and try to act overly smart with us.

Advice For Women Entrepreneurs:

The advice for women entrepreneurs is to never be scared and to always be ready to face the problems that have been thrown at them.



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