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Tamanna Mordani - Great Companies Women Entrepreneur Award Winner 2020

Tamanna Mordani


Brand Solutions, Experiential Events, Event Management

Company Details

Envision is a global operating brand solutions agency, promoter of International DJs, International IP’s & Event Concepts. Envision serves a new generation of music lovers and connoisseurs. Built on grit and determination; Envision is a young, dynamic & ambitious enterprise. Envision was recently covered under the 30 under 30 Forbes India edition.

What challenges have you overcome to reach where you are now

There have been some fundamental challenges. To set up any business you need the 3 core ingredients of land, labour & Capital and I had none of it. Being from a small town, doing a job in Mumbai and then not getting paid salary for 6 months and being at your financial lowest and deciding then; exactly when you have nothing; to start your own venture. That was the biggest challenge. Sometimes you have to take a step and it may seem risky but with risks come the rewards and the reward did come. Having my own company has been the most empowering and the most liberating feeling.

What message you want to give for other aspiring women entrepreneurs

To believe in yourself and to be brave and to see dreams that stir you up. You yourself are your strongest support and your biggest cheerleader and one needs to realise that. Women are an untapped source of great talent and potential; all they have to do is a take a step ahead in the right direction and they are capable of creating wonders & making waves of change. Also, that failure is a key ingredient and a necessary part of the process. Each failure brings with is lessons that help us grow, help us become sharper and smarter about not repeating the same mistakes again. Your mind is a source of great power and once you channelise that there is no stopping you; you can program your mind for great success. Build an empire & leave a legacy; you are a multi-tasker and that is your biggest strength. Know your worth, never doubt yourself; and don't let anyone ever let you believe even for a minute, that you are incapable.

To what do you attribute your success

There are couple of key factors that I would like to attribute my success too. My parents for providing me with the opportunity of a good public school education; for being surrounded with the right kind of friends and family who always encouraged me in my thought process and wanting to start my own venture and never for once told me that I couldn't achieve it. Also, that I am able to set my mind to targets and work towards them with blinders on and have a laser focus; the ability to work hard and not getting swayed away with peers your age doing other things. I am also glad that I never gave up - there was a point where I had absolutely nothing and at that stage when you are at your lowest to be able to train your mind to believe you still can achieve and you still can do what you set your mind to has been something that has immensely helped me.

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