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Sunita Dube, CEO at Happy60plus Pvt Ltd

Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Sunita Dube : I belong to a generation which has seen how the traditional family, relatives , friends and neighbours used to be a support system for each other and in contrast in present fast paced lives with the joint family system no more a norm, the elderly and their families are finding it difficult to be a support to each other. The greatest impact of this transformation has been on the elderly many of whom felt helpless and left alone when they need help and support most and had to wait for family and friends to find time to help them.

However it was my personal experience and when I faced the challenges and difficulties juggling between my hectic work , family responsibilities of looking after growing kids and trying to help my ageing parents who needed assistance in small everyday tasks, that is when I realized the need of a support system of verified and trusted services who can support me to fulfill my responsibility towards my parents and also help them to live an independently and have a happy and healthy ageing. Thus the idea took shape when we started Happy60plus in 2019.

Great Companies: What are the various Services provided by Happy60plus Pvt Ltd

Sunita Dube : Happy60plus Enables & Empowers Elderly for an independent living & a healthy and happy ageing.

Our Holistic Eldercare Services include:

1)Help Buddy Service: A Help Buddy is a helper /companion on demand available on hourly basis . They accompany, assist seniors for outside home visits to doctors, hospitals and any other outing or run for daily errands like bill payments, deliveries, grocery shopping, whenever the senior needs. Help Buddies also provide Tech Enablement services like use of online apps for shopping, digital payments, playing online games, or using internet to pursue and learn more about a hobby. Many of these services once booked can be availed online.

2)Healthcare Service : These include Healthcare Buddies : to accompany /assist to hospital or doctor visit, or to book & coordinate the online doctor consultation, get pathological tests done, buy medicines and make it all available at the click of the button and at doorstep.

Home Healthcare Services: Happy60plus provides verified, skilled and trusted medical caretakers , certified nurses to elderly needing post operative recovery once they return from hospitals, illness recovery, management of bedridden elderly and for elderly in advanced stages of Alzhiemer’s , Dementia or Geriatric and needing care .

Nutrition & Fitness Services: Happy60plus Nutrition & Fitness coaches provide customised nutrition and workout plans for seniors help them to control & reverse lifestyle disease like diabetes, cholesterol , blood pressure , obesity and to reach their weight management, health and fitness goals.

3)Mental Wellness Solutions: Expert consultations through Happy60plus Life and wellness certified & experienced coaches to deal with everyday emotional issues and provide emotional wellness & happiness.

4)Social Engagement Activities : These include knowledge sharing webinars on topics of interest to seniors, Fun activities like musical evenings, tambola evenings, fun games , get togethers, yoga classes, hobby classes for seniors. These are all conducted online.

All the services can be booked online through Happy60plus mobile or web app or through WhatsApp and are easily available on a click at your doorstep.

Great Companies: What makes Happy60plus Pvt Ltd different from hundreds of other Eldercare Solution providers?

Sunita Dube: Happy60plus is more than just a medical care solutions provider or a concierge service for elderly which other companies do. Happy60plus aims to truly Enable and Empower seniors for an independent living by providing Holistic Eldercare solutions are for physical and emotional wellness and overall happiness. It could be by assisting them in their everyday tasks through Help Buddies or being the bridge/ facilitator to avail the various Healthcare Solutions through our Healthcare Buddies , Home Healthcare Services, and taking care of their Nutrition & Fitness to avoid & control lifestyle disease. Loneliness and mental issues are the next big pandemic which are hitting the senior population for which Happy60plus has Emotional Wellness Coaches & Social Engagement Activities to make them emotionally healthy & meaningfully engaged.

Happy60plus has rigorous 5 step screening process which includes BGV, EQ tests, interview etc. All our services are available at a click of a button and in the comfort of their homes.

Great Companies: What are the struggles and challenges you face?

Sunita Dube :

  1. Trust Issues: Seniors citizens are most vulnerable to outsiders when it comes to their safety & security. As such it took us lot of time to build the trust which was needed by them to hire our services confidently. Now they know that Happy60plus provides reliable, responsible ,verified and trusted services and for which the staff goes through rigorous screening process and background checks.

  2. Seniors are not tech savvy and hesitant to learn something new. However they are like kids who once start something they do it with full enthusiasm.

  3. Hiring the right kind of people as our service providers who have passion to elderly with honesty and patience.

  4. In order to scale and reach more seniors we need good funding so that we can invest on our sales & marketing, refining our technology and expanding the team.

Great Companies: How do you plan to grow in the future? What does 5 years down the line look like for Happy60plus Pvt Ltd?

Sunita Dube : Currently we are trying for funding to scale our business to the next level and we are in final talks with some VCs. We want to expand our services to all Tier 1 cities in next two years. We want to be the one point of all Eldercare Solutions to Enable & Empower Senior Citizens of India & globally for an independent living and a healthy and happy ageing.

Great Companies: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Sunita Dube : Do something you enjoy and believe in. Entrepreneurship is a journey of ups and downs and every step is a new learning experience which you enjoy only if you believe in your goal. Don’t be discouraged by naysayers!



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