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Great Companies: What are the various attractions provided by your company which makes customers choose you over others? Sunil Pawar: The main features of our products are 100% CUSTOMIZATION, Machine –made high quality furniture and No on-site work. Along with attractions such as One-stop solution where all services are available under one roof; Professional approach, and prompt after sales service. Great Companies: How do you ensure that the customers are completely satisfied? Sunil Pawar: Our supervisor visits the site upon work completion, speaks with the customer, takes pictures of the work, and gets feedback form filled from them. Great Companies: How often do you refresh your stocks sticking to the latest trends? Sunil Pawar: We work on made to order system because our products are tailer made.

Great Companies: Where do you see yourself and Linus Furnitures in ten years? Sunil Pawar: I see myself as a mentor for the budding entrepreneurs, & Linus furnitures will be one of the top Modular kitchen/furniture brand with strong presence online & presence in maximum number of cities. Great Companies: If any customer is not satisfied, are there any return policies? Sunil Pawar: Yes, Return policies are applicable. However our products are self-approved by the customers through the detailed paperwork that we provide, so it is rare that such a situation may arise. We also have an after-sales team to make sure that the customer is satisfied. 

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