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Sudarsan S K: CEO of SNCO Group

Great Companies: What are the various services that you provide? Sudarsan S K:  Our Primary Service Area is to Ensure Compliance of GST, Income Tax, ESI, EPF etc laws by businesses along with the related filing of applicable Returns and Forms. Apart from this we also help businesses set up Management Internal Control Systems in Accounts and Finance Departments and also do monthly review of compliance with those systems and statutory risks being faced by the business. For beginners we help set up their business through preparing Partnership Deeds, Procuring Corporation Licenses, Trademarking of Names & Logos, Getting PAN Card, Taking GST Registration etc.  As a one time service, we also do GST Compliance Review for big businesses to ensure whether the various requirements under the GST Rules related to billing, E-Way Bills, Accounting Records, Stock Records etc is being maintained or not and whether all the necessary details are furnished in various returns regularly filed by the business.  We also file replies for various notices received from Departments under various laws like GST, Income Tax etc and appear before authorities and file appeals wherever necessary

Great Companies:   How do you ensure that the best quality service is provided to your clients? Sudarsan S K: We deliver our services within due dates as ours is a due date based profession. We ensure returns and other forms are filed within due dates and no late fee, interest, penalties etc accrue for our clients through adequate staffing and proper work planning. We undertake only a limited number of files per staff to ensure timely and proper delivery of services. Full time dedicated staffs are also provided to clients when there is a need with supervision of expert staff to ensure quality in work and timely completion without mistakes. We conduct staff meetings every Monday to review the progress of work, clear doubts and queries of staff and clients related to work of previous week and to plan this weeks works. Also we use a Google Drive Sheet based online status reporting of works to monitor timely completion and to ensure we do not miss any works or filings. Since ours is a field having daily frequent changes in various laws, we conduct staff trainings compulsorily every monday after staff meeting to keep them up to date on the changes in the Law to ensure quality services to clients.

Great Companies: Why should one choose SNCO GROUP over others? Sudarsan S K: Our Onsite service through dedicated expert staff and reasonable pricing is our unique selling proposition. Also reduced File to Staff ratio ensures adequate attention and quality of service to each client. Utilising Technology Through Dedicated What’s app groups for each client, me and owners are always aware of status of works, issues being faced, actions taken etc to their satisfaction. Filing of all applicable statutory returns and forms within due date with accuracy makes us very much sought for in the consultancy business. In this field remaining up to date of latest changes in laws is prerequisite for quality of service, which we always ensure through adequate research and regular training to staffs on legal matters and soft skills. Our team is committed to ensure a zero complaints from clients and among staffs through happiness quotient analysis of performance of every team member. We do take random monthly feed back from clients about how happy and satisfied they are with the service of each staff and also among the staff as to how satisfied are they with the support and cooperation from rest of the staff. It has helped ensure proper work delivery, cooperation rather than competition among staffs giving better results for clients and company. We also deliver maximum satisfaction to clients by working after office hours if need be to complete filings and protect them from unnecessary late fee, interest and penalties.

Great Companies:  Why is investment planning necessary? Sudarsan S K: Investment Planning is essential to ensuring proper growth of a business and also proper management of the surplus funds. Business should plan properly as to the timing of investment in Plant & Machinery and additional staffing as part of expansion. They should have adequate assurance of generating sufficient additional revenue and profits from the investment without which the existing operations will also get weakened. If investing in outside options like shares, Debentures, Bonds etc safety and security of the funds should be ensured and they should be available for withdrawal when we deem it necessary. Investments ensure our surplus funds earn some future revenue, cover up for inflation in economy and that we have adequate funds in case of a future necessity. Individuals also should have investment planning to ensure funds for their future needs like constructing / buying a own house, buying a car, giving best education to children and funds in case of any medical emergencies in family. This can be achieved by saving a suitable amount every month from income and also taking insurances. Only surplus funds should be invested in risky options like equity to ensure security of the funds. Investment Planning help to identify how much i have to save every month to reach my financial goals for future, taking into account inflation Great Companies:  Do you provide training? Sudarsan S K:  Yes, We are proud to say we are one of the first Training Providers in GST Law right from the date of implementation of GST. We have trained 5000 plus students, accountants, Tax Consultants and Business Owners all over Kerala in the Last 2.5 Years. I have been the Key Note Speaker at the 1st Anniversary GST Day Celebrations organised by GST Department at Calicut on 01-07-2018. Also I have been providing Training to members of Tax Consulatnts Association of Kerala at various places, Official GST Trainer of Various GST Suvudha Kendras Set up in Kerala. We have helped Accounting Software Companies incorporate GST requirements in their software by training their programming staffs. We have provided training on GST Matters to accounts and sales staffs of various corporates in Calicut. Also we conduct courses covering Accounts, GST, Income Tax, ESI, EPF etc for students and accountants. Our training division also conducted  2 day workshops in May - June 2018, training accountants , students and business men about GST, Income Tax, TDS. ESI and EPF return filings which was inaugrated by officials from GST, Income Tax etc Departments and other dignitaries from Calicut. We also launched the 1st edition of our Book on GST , "GST Simplified - A handbook on GST for Accountants, STudents and Consultants" at the occasion. As a recognition for these training efforts and excellent service to clients, I was selected as the “Best GST Consultant and Trainer” at the Kerala Entrepreneur Meet Up at Thiruvanthapuram, which was awarded by Honourable Devaswom Minister, Sri Kadakampally Surendran on 07-03-2020.



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