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Study At Home - India's Leading e-learning Platform Educating Bharat

In the city of Varanasi, India, Study At Home Private Limited emerges as a game-changer in the field of education, training, and coaching. Founded in December 2018 by CA Raj K Agrawal, this private limited company is revolutionizing the way people learn by providing high-quality educational resources right from the comfort of their homes.

Study At Home is not just a company; it's a recipient of the prestigious "National Startup Awards" in the education and skill development category, an honor bestowed by the Prime Minister. This recognition speaks to their mission to transform education into an

"Edutainment" experience, combining learning with entertainment. They aim to become the "Netflix of Education," offering video lectures for exam preparations and skill development courses through their website and Study At Home Learning App.

The company's key strength lies in its commitment to affordability and accessibility. With lecture prices starting at just Rs. 200, Study At Home ensures that quality education is within reach for students across all socio-economic backgrounds, including those in rural areas. This pricing sets them apart as the most economical option in the entire EdTech space.

Another unique feature is their Windows-based video lecture platform, which doesn't require constant internet connectivity, making it accessible even in regions with limited internet access. They offer a wide range of exam preparation test series, AI-enabled for enhanced learning. Their in-house content creation ensures that the company can provide a diverse array of courses without needing to pay royalties to external creators.

Study At Home's comprehensive approach is noteworthy. They cover four categories under one roof: Academic, Government Competitive, Professional, and Skill Development Courses, making it a one-stop destination for diverse learning needs. Their in-house technology development team ensures that their technology is user-friendly, minimizing the need for technological support.

With a team of 36 dedicated members and a commitment to optimum resource utilization, Study At Home has shown impressive growth since its founding. Their IP rights cover 95% of their offerings, showcasing their commitment to innovation and original content.

In the world of business, Study At Home operates under the B2C model, directly reaching individual consumers. Their specialization lies in the EdTech sector, focusing on exam preparation and skill development.

As a private limited company, Study At Home's journey has been marked by their dedication to making quality education accessible to all, transforming lives through knowledge, and building a strong and user-centric platform for learners across India. They're not just providing education; they're empowering individuals to excel and achieve their dreams.



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