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Srividya Puppala- CEO and Founder of ENSCONCE

Great Companies:  Can you tell us a little about yourself, your company's mission, and vision?

Srividya Puppala: About the Founder

Srividya, an alumnus of the University of Massachusetts Lowell; worked in the US & in India for leading Fortune 500 players in multiple domains. She comes with 20 years of Extensive Experience in eCommerce, Advanced Technologies & Integration Technologies space; played varied roles as Portfolio Development manager, COE, for Global Delivery, Account Governance, Process Control & Quality Compliance. She is a seasoned Business and Tech speaker and has been contributing to Students and Business communities.

Her Vision is to Growth Scale Startups and Established businesses, bringing in Operational Effectiveness.

Why Factor: Process Inefficiencies hurt companies badly and this is one of the reasons why about 90% of Startups fail in the first few years of their inception.

The kind of growth we have seen in IT in the last 20-30 years is precisely due to a defined structural approach to growth, quality & process mindset, right customer and employment strategies. Quality and Process Improvements is not taken so seriously yet especially in the SME Segment and this is where ENSCONCE intends to bring a difference.

Great Companies:   How do you manage to provide tailored solutions according to the needs of each client?

Srividya Puppala:  Operational Challenges are bound to come and how effective our processes are, how effectively they are governed – these are the structural elements which would help us fight those Challenges effectively. Perfect strategy or the perfect approach also have to be tweaked to suit the current scenarios and situations.

ENSCONCE provides not just Consulting & Mentoring but also hand-holding businesses; build processes for their planning and execution; provide auditing services month on month to ensure the company is not falling back on its Operations.

Great Companies:  Can you provide a gist of the number and types of services provided by your company?

Srividya Puppala: ENSCONCE typically start with Growth Assessments, identify the Operational challenges and then strategize to their need, company’s potential and capability. We have also been helping companies with branding and marketing services, company registrations, GST filing and taxation services. We were featured in Silicon India Magazine in 2019 as among top 10 Most Promising SME Advisors in India to offer turnkey business solutions. We were again featured in December 2019 edition of Consultants Review as among top 10 SME Advisors in India.

Great Companies:  How do you aim to build a competitive clientele and take advantage of every single opportunity available in the market?

Srividya Puppala:  We strive to make a difference to the companies whether they are Startups or established companies.

ENSCONCE services are structured to define company growth; build a measurable approach to progress. Confidence to develop Individuals and Businesses end to end is our promise and we handhold the companies until they are enabled to function on their own. This has helped in constant reiteration of our services, build referrals and repeat business. Our customers have been our brand ambassadors.

Great Companies:  How do you plan to achieve success in your future endeavours?

Srividya Puppala: Our efforts have always been to bring in holistic development to Companies from Branding to Marketing to Business Operations, provide services to enhance Organizational Behaviour, Internal and external branding. Our focused efforts in 2020 is to revive the health of the Companies, Grow and Scale up; build Organizational Culture ground up for long term growth, develop Customer Experience Factors for companies to improve Company Branding and Sales.100% Customer satisfaction is Our strength. Our strength speaks for our potential to grow.

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