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- A 360 Degree Social Media Marketing| Branding| Trademark & Copywrite


“We build good connections all day, every day”- we network and share a hassle free solution for social media!

Content is like a poem, because it should be overwhelming, soothing and smooth to read; just like a poem. Broadly, the way of doing things at the house of Social Media Experts is brainstorming about the ideas, avoiding monotony of thoughts, and doing the homework in a proper manner – means studying the market and its various prospects.

SME (Social Media Experts) is the name , based out of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Social Media Experts fulfills the need of Digital Marketing for various businesses and organizations or even individuals. They also help the mission driven non-profit organizations regarding all their social and digital media requirements.

Customer satisfaction is considered to be the apex goal of this young startup. They like to call themselves the people who work to extend others’ businesses. Extending the business means, uplifting the business in the world of social media, and making it reach the big consumer base that is present there.

This new startup helps the businesses in through digital marketing in increasing search rankings and directing organic traffic towards the client’s site or social media page. Increase close rates which results in shortened sales cycles. They optimize the client’s website for lead generation and sales enablement. And lastly the Social Media Experts team will also develop an alignment between sales, marketing and the business motive or organizational vision.


Branding - Through all the available digital media resources at disposal, Social Media Experts creates a brand image for the client. As we all know, social media plays a significant role in building or breaking a brand’s identity, hence, Social Media Experts takes this job at hand very seriously.

Creative - Among the creative services, Social Media Experts can write and manage blogs for clients. Visit any website of any business or organization, a blog section would be mandatorily present there in almost all cases. Because the blog speaks a lot about the work the company is doing and the field of its business etc.

Content - Creating content for websites and apps is almost like a forte for Social Media Experts. Content creation is an important part of the business as it is the content which will be read by the consumers before subscribing to any service or making any purchase.

List of Our services : (Business Needs)

Brand Name Research & Suggestion ( 5 Level Research | International/National Level availability check | Category research and close competitor check | Tag Line | Brand Birth plan | Sub category | Alignment under mother brand, Concept –Theme – Story | QR Code Generation with Logo | Digital Business Card | Logo 2D/3D | Logo and Stationary | Smart Business card | Handy Website | Website Content of 1000 Words | Application Development Start up | Animated Logo -10 to 15 Seconds | Bifold Brochure | 5 Page Bifold

15 Page Brochure Or more – content designs | Animated Product Usage Video | Glimpse of Product service/Video | Festival Videos | Social media posters | Social Media 3D Posters Announcement Poster | Gift Voucher Designs | Trademark till registration | Bar code | Websites with UI/UX –Custom Content | Copywrites / CRM / E commerce | Social Media Packages –Lift | Elevator | Time machine | Wormhole


Accepted, that the content is the all-time king, but what is also important is the process of creating that content. So, let’s dive a little into the process that the Social Media Experts team uses. Their process broadly consists of 6 stages, and they are:

Know Your Product - There is a huge gap between thinking about the idea of the business one wants to do and actually making it happen. It’s very important to know the product or the service with which one is going to start. And here enters Social Media Experts with the concept of “know your product to sell your product”.

Research - Without research there’s no way you can reach success, be it anything in life. Hence, Social Media Experts team gives immense importance on the part of doing well rounded research. Research about the market where the business is going to be placed is a pre requisite. Content can only be created based on proper research and homework.

Creating the Content - The content is usually based on the research conducted and the homework done but it also depends on the target audience. The lifestyle, nature, income, education, psychology, location etc. of the audience must be taken into consideration while creating content, as that particular audience will at the receiving end of the content. The words of the content must strike and connect to the common people to get optimum results.

Branding and Identity - For any business, big or small, old or new, having a brand identity is quite necessary. The brand image or identity is the face of the business that the consumers will come in contact with, hence, it is immensely important to create the brand identity through social media and other avenues.

Development - Developing the brand name through social media and managing that image throughout is the expertise of Social Media Experts. Also, the development of online or web presence is dependent on the research done and the exposure the particular client wants to have on online platforms.

Digital Marketing - Gone are the days when marketing was done in-person mode, or through television commercials or newspaper ads, today, the brands reach you through your mobile screens. And these ads are fed to you according to the choices you make on the internet. Digital marketing is an evolving arena of marketing and helps the businesses to have a good grip over its consumers.

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