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Shruti Pandey of Synergi Hospitality Marketing

Great Companies: What is the vision behind Synergi Hospitality Marketing? Shruti Pandey:  Synergi was created as an effort to bring those off-beat properties to forefront, which are unable to find the visibility they actually deserve. There are some very beautiful and experiential hotels / camps & resorts in wilderness or remote areas which generally people are unaware of. As also, there are a number of travellers who are looking for places unknown and want to explore while staying at unique properties. The vision is to bring the two together while creating sustainable tourism for all. Great Companies: What would you say makes Synergi Hospitality Marketing different? Shruti Pandey: Synergi is different in a number of ways. Apart from the liaison with stand alone experiential properties for their sales & marketing, we also assist these properties in training their staff, curating quintessential experiences and consulting new methods of hospitality. Since all our properties are away from cities, we prefer to train & groom staff from local tribal / village areas. Local sustainance is the key word to ensure that the entire local community participates and benefits. This participation also enhances the guest experience. Great Companies: Who are some of the different Synergi Hospitality Marketing clients? Shruti Pandey: Most of our guests come from parts of Europe and Asian continents but slowly we have started getting queries and Indian guests as well. The guests are very clear about enjoying the location and activites connected to it. The room accommodation is just a part of the stay.

Great Companies:  What was the start of Synergi Hospitality Marketing? Shruti Pandey: Synergi was initiated in 2013. After being a part of a large hotel chain, I wanted to explore more and diversify on my own. The initiation was with Retreats at out-skirts of Jaipur, Rishikesh and Udaipur. It took time for people to understand the concept and accept it, but we started receiving great reviews. Next further diversification was into Glamping (luxury mobile camping), an art of creating temporary luxury tented accommodation in wilderness. From there on, we added properties in tribal areas, connected to jungle or deep into desert areas, mainly in North India. Great Companies: What are the different kinds of services provided by Synergi Hospitality Marketing? Shruti Pandey: From the stand point of the properties we liaison with, we look after their sales & marketing as well as assist in training and operations of the property. However for our guests and clients, we assist in working out best suited rates for their stay, arrange activities as trekking, heritage walk, jungle safari , outdoor lunches / dinners and a lot more. We also assist for select events as weddings in wilderness (through mobile camping), Government supported events (as Jal Mahotsav - Madhya Pradesh, Rann Mahotsav - Gujarat and Telangana festival). Many of our guests are avid riders who prefer staying at such locations where their bikes experience is enhanced.



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