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Shishir V Mandya, CoFounder at Shivprabha Charitable Trust

Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for starting an NGO?

It was actually started by Amol Sainwar in Chandrapur, as we wanted to give back to Society especially in Education. It was later made into a Trust in 2008 to ensure we reached a greater mass of People especially the uneducated Rural Poor. Both of us had seen Poverty and low Finance to get educated.

I had started a similar organization way back in 1975 , in Mumbai, when the Poor students were unable to buy books nor pay their fees for Higher Education and was part of 4/5 NGO's including the Childrens Orthopadeic Hospital.

Shivprabha Charitable Trust endeavor is rooted in the volunteering spirit and the inherent belief of our founders that there are people who care for those in need, the real task at hand is to bring these like-minded people together so true change can be achieved.

Our team of believers, have day jobs, and devote our spare time to work on Shivprabha’s vision for a better India. of all the

Charitable contributions - 100% , that we receive go to the intended recipient.

Great Companies: What are the various activities done by Shivprabha Charitable Trust

Over the past 13 years, our causes including EDUCATION, VILLAGE ADOPTION, RURAL DEVELOPMENT, WOMEN EMPOWERMENT, MEDICAL AID AND MEDITATION have positively impacted thousands of lives.

Mission Bringing equity through education and empowerment in our society.

We have worked in the following States

• Uttarakhand

• Assam

• Uttar Pradesh

• West Bengal

• Odisha

• Maharashtra

• Karnataka

• Tamil Nadu

Education Scholarships : We support academically gifted but economically underprivileged students, particularly from rural communities, in their quest for an education.

We also offer talented young athletes sponsorships to aid their development as well as give them an opportunity to participate in events both in India and overseas that they otherwise might be financially constrained to attend.

RURAL DEVELOPMENT : We identify villages with developmental and social challenges at the community level. We work to find out their immediate and long term needs. After which, work is done with the community and all villagers are encouraged to do their part by participating in shramdaan so that there is a shared sense of accomplishment. We have adopted 4 Villages in The Yawatmal District

WOMEN EMPOWERMENT : Most adult women in rural India haven’t had access to opportunities in life that are otherwise basic and necessary for all. Even so, their fighting spirit lives on and to complement this fire, we at Shivprabha Charitable trust provide funds to them to start a business. Most of these women are widows, specifically those of farmer suicides.

MEDICAL AID AND SANITATION : Rural communities in India do not have access to proper health care services or medical insurance. Whenever we come in contact with a person in need, our volunteers research their background to ascertain their needs. After this, we see to it that they are provided with whatever it is they need that is in our power.

Many Indians, both rural and urban, lack access to basic sanitation facilities. It is our goal to make India open defecation free.

We identify and work with the communities that have a lack of proper sanitation

infrastructure and ensure long term upkeep of the toilets.

Great Companies: What makes Shivprabha Charitable Trust different from hundreds of other NGOs?

We have formed a Farmers club, where we Microfinance and advise 90+ farmers..whether it poor harvest, heavy debt for family needs or their farm... Farmers have it tough as the suicide rate is among the highest in their fraternity. Stress often leads to vice filled escapism. We conduct wellness programs rooted in Yoga and inner development.We have started a Research and Training Centre for the Farmers. We have acquired 3.5 Acres of land at Digras Yawatmal..

Shivprabha Farmers’ club helps them with micro loans and educates them with the latest technological know-how. We try to find out solutions for difficulties faced by farmers and train them on how to deal with the same.

Great Companies: What are the struggles and challenges you face?

Finance has always been a major Problem as we need to raise finance for every campaign that we take up.We do not have any Govt. Funding and depend on our Members. We normally run 45/50 campaigns in a year and have disbursed or helped upto 45 Lakhs every Year

Great Companies: How do you plan to grow in the future? What does 5 years down the line look like for Shivprabha Charitable Trust?

Growth is not so difficult but reaching the 40 districts especially in the Backward areas , Evaluating and funding the genuine cases is walking a Tight rope. We are trying to develop the second level of Management and increase our ground/Grassroots members who are collectively around 2500 now…

Great Companies: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Don’t get into it unless you have Compassion and Empathy. The Struggle is long but very Satisfying. Finance is always going to be short if you remain Ethical..



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