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Shilpa Saboo Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2021

Name : Shilpa Saboo

Business Name : MindMap Consulting

City : Hyderabad

Country : India

Website URL :

About Brand/Company : MindMap Consulting was founded by Shilpa Saboo in 2011. Shilpa a Chartered Accountant and a CPA (USA) worked for in US with likes of Capital One, Wells Fargo and Deloitte. Shilpa was committed to continue to make a difference and put her entrepreneurial capabilities to test when she felt the need to balance her professional and person commitment after birth of her second child. This is what created the exciting journey of MindMap over the past decade. She now over 10 Business leaders, 200+ staff, 10 partner franchisee and across the globe presence – a manifestation of her dedication.

MindMap Consulting was founded as a social impact venture to bridge the gap between capability and opportunity. We specialize in using Digital Technologies to transform Business Processes, digitise them and thus optimize efficiency and costs. We ensure that these new Digital Technologies are a part of our overall client deliverable ecosystem. In order to achieve this, we started out with a strong focus on youth Skill Development by designing and executing industry relevant training programs to create a job ready task force in various technical domains. We also have been successfully addressing the Digital Divide to enable business’s transition to Industry 4.0. We at MindMap have strived to bring together industry partnerships and certifications, full fee sponsorship through industry and government affiliations.

Our training philosophy at MindMap focuses on experimental learning through storyboarding and simulations. We believe in making learning interactive and fun – adding gamification into our programs. We blend classroom sessions with e-Learning programs to meet unique training requirements of diverse trainees.

Our Product offering

1. MindMap Skilling Incubator – Trained pool of resources for emerging and in-demand skills

2. MindMap Digital academy – Training on new technologies like AI, Machine Learning, RPA, Cyber Security, Blockchain

3. DigifyMe – EdTech based Online skilling platform in a subscription model for cost effective elearning for all emerging skills – Foundation programs to Expert Level

4. Corporate Social Responsibility projects for Skilling (Genpact, Aricent Technologies, SAP, IBM)

With this we have taken an vision of training over 2,00,000 youth in five years in urban and semi-urban India and successfully pushing them into sustained employment.

Our teams live this dream of – Building Domains | Enhancing Careers!

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