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Shilpa Gopal of Dha Spotlight Design Studio

Great Companies: What are the services provided to its customers?

Shilpa Gopal: From a simple saree blouse to a Designer bridal lehenga we do everything.

We design Bridal saree blouses, Draped outfits, Gowns, Lehengas, Anarkalis just to name a few. We also provide fashion consultation and suggest designs based on their body-type, skin colour for every occasion, catering all age groups. We provide design solutions to garment retail stores and boutiques. We design as well as do production periodically to keep up with the latest trend.

Great Companies: How was the idea of Dha Spotlight Design Studio formed?

Shilpa Gopal: Pure passion! The idea was simple, It came to me when I was studying in NIFT Bangalore itself. I loved pattern making and working on especially fits back in college.

Dha spotlight was formed in Bangalore with the hopes of giving the best fit to all women.

Great Companies:  How do you ensure the happiness of each client?

Shilpa Gopal: We make sure the client is satisfied with the end product, as it is the most important factor for us. We work with every client at a personal level to understand their interests and make sure special attention has been given to every tailored garment for a better fit.

Great Companies:  What are the main struggles you are facing in the management of your design studio?

Shilpa Gopal: Sourcing of quality raw materials has been a roller coaster for us in Bangalore. It takes away a lot of time and effort.

Great Companies:  How is Dha Spotlight different from the other design studios?

Shilpa Gopal: As we mentioned earlier, we love pattern making and specialise in mainly fits.

We create a pattern for every outfit we do. We also spend a lot of time with every client. We sit with them, understand their taste and interests, take their ideas and suggestions. We keep a personal connection with every client and make sure they are happy with their outfits. Customer satisfaction is everything to us!

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