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Satpal Khatri- Founder of S.K. ACHIEVER'S ACADEMY

Great Companies: Kindly brief about your coaching institute. Satpal khatri: First of all, I would like to thank my student chestha and great companies to give me a chance for introducing my self . I am Satpal khatri and I am educated upto B.Sc. B.ed.I am 90% disabled (divyang) I can not do any work that ordinary people can do . That's why I thought I should read and teach to the children as well.There was not much physical I started teaching children as soon as I passed the 12th class and completed my studies as well .during this time , I also taught in a school where I got a very good teaching experience .the children there were very poor since then I thought that I would also open my academy and give free education to poor children so that they too can become something by reading and writing.And in 2010, I opened my Academy in a small shop , which I named it's "S.K. ACHIEVER'S ACADEMY". It was difficult task to teach free of cost all students because my livelihood also runs by this, that is why every year we are able to give free education to only ten (10) students . We have six (6) MBBS doctors from a small academy . Those whom I know and many students are also engineers etc .we teach students from class 1st to 12th in our Academy. We take an entrance test every year at our Academy. We also award awardees every year for the test.we are making full effort to raise the Academy and educate more and more students.

Great Companies: How have you managed to have established a good name in such a short period? Satpal khatri:It was a very difficult task for me to name my academy . then I thought every person should write and read that goal which he thinks ,that is ,he gains success and wins. And then I thought he achieve all by his hardwork and came to my mind that I keep my academy name " S.K.ACHIEVER'S ACADEMY ".the motive of putting S.K. ( Satpal Khatri ) was that I helped him . He could reach his gaol .

Great Companies:What all do you offer at your academy? Satpal khatri:We believe that teachers are critical to student success. A "teacher" on S.K. ACHIEVER'S ACADEMY can be a classroom teacher, a parent, a mentor, or even a peer.   They do not need to know the content themselves. No matter who they are, teachers are there to support their students, celebrate their victories, and help them find lessons in defeat.

  1. Establish and communicate clear learning objectives throughout the course.

  2. Establish and communicate clear standards for performance (e.g. rubrics and grading guidelines)

  3. Give clear and useful explanations.

  4. Vary and structure learning activities (~20 min.)  

  5. Time management .   

  6. Set smart goals .

Great Companies:  Is there any message that you would like to let youngsters know?  

Satpal khatri: i want to send a message to all the youth that we should not give up under any circumstances when I can make a living on my own despite being 90% disabled, then why not you but never in life should never sit empty always do something.  Stay you will get 1 day success.

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1 Comment

Satpal Khatri
Satpal Khatri
Apr 18, 2020

Thanks to great companies for publishing my story

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