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Santosh Raskar, Founder at Srajan College of Design

Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Santosh Raskar: Actually I started my career as a primary teacher. While working as a teacher I completed my higher education. When I was working a teacher I usually think about our educational process - Our education is about knowledge and not skill oriented. There is no ideology about creating skilled, research oriented people. We are creating labours through this education. I tried to do lot many things as a teacher but it won’t complete my task. So I thought why not I should come out of this and start own education center to complete my ideology. Thus I thought I should start such Institutional programs which will have demands in future as well as I can prove my ideology.

Great Companies: What are the various Services provided by Srajan College of Design?

Santosh Raskar: SRAJAN VIDYAVRAT Pvt. Ltd. is the parent company of SRAJAN College of Design. For SRAJAN this business is vow of Education. That gives you industry relevant world class curriculum and passion towards teaching. This makes SRAJAN synonym of Design Education Excellence.

Our skill and job oriented courses empowers and gives confidence for professional career. Considering growth of Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming Designing, Web Design, UI, UX, Graphic Design, Artificial reality and Virtual Reality, SRAJAN provides best possible Education in the field. SRAJAN has unique approach towards these sectors as they are techno-creative sectors.

SRAJAN has its own teaching methodology, Evaluation system and learning process. SRAJAN courses mean successful creative profession. We take care for our student who is hot property in the job market for the industry.

In our college we have U.G. C. Recognized Degree in Animation, Graphics and Multimedia, We have Diploma in Computer Animation recognized by Maharashtra State Board of Education, We have also recognition from Media and entertainment skill sector, we also provide Adobe and Autodesk International Certification.

Great Companies: What makes Srajan College of Design different from hundreds of other design academies?

Santosh Raskar:

Basically our ideology of teaching designing is the mile stone. We have developed best teaching methods for designing education. Not only that Our Activity and research based Education Methodology is proven now as we have given World first 3D stereoscopic Biography – SHIVATEJ SAMABHAJI to society, We have released 3D short film in Jammu & Kashmir, First ever Game on Marathi Film is also released by SRAJAN. Also we have 16 point learning program for students which helps students to learn well.

We have our own operational manual that helps systematic admission, learning, teaching, evaluation and placement. A single rupee of student’s fees is utilized on students Education that means high quality of education in affordable fees. There are many things which make SRAJAN Different than others but in simple line we can in SRAJAN there is Santosh Raskar who is really a teacher.

Great Companies: What are the struggles and challenges you face?

Santosh Raskar: That was the time when people were not about aware about digital designing career. Parents did not believe on this field of Education. People usually came as a hobby. We convinced them to choose this as a main career. Who believed in us are very successful in life now but for this we have took lot efforts. I have travelled across and conducted seminars, workshops to aware people about this education. I have written more than 300 articles in various newspapers and also interviewed on televisions. In the beginning we train such students who even don’t have basic knowledge of computer then again we trained them for digital designing. In the beginning we were training failed students that were the big challenge. With proper treatment and our educational ideology we did it well. In the beginning we have to put lot money from our pocket to survive and run the Institution and give proper service and education to students. One more thing to place the students we need good connect with the industry. We did it well with various activities. I personally got involved in making policy of for our field with government. That time there was no degree or diploma recognized by the any university or government body, I tried lot to start Degree with University affiliation, Diploma with Education Examination Board. With lot of effort because of our efforts first Degree of Animation was introduced by YCMOU and First Diploma of Animation and Visual effects was started by Maharashtra State Board of Vocational Education. I designed and developed syllabus for both and wrote books for it also.

Great Companies: How do you plan to grow in the future? What does 5 years down the line look like for Srajan College of Design?

Santosh Raskar: Digital Designing is very fast growing sector and the requirement of industry are rapidly changing. Hence we are planning studio school in coming couple of years. This education needs more practicing so we are planning day boarding designing school with all facilities of digital designing education. Now we think we just don’t want to create Job seekers, we want to create job creators. So we have such action plan for coming days. In coming time SRAJAN will not only education-learning center, it will become research center for media, graphics and digital designing.

Great Companies: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Santosh Raskar : Well, to start out only passions, experience and knowledge are not sufficient. You must have your ideology with you. Doing any business in franchisee module and being a franchisee is not ideal. Your services should be unique and as per the requirement of society or industry. One must be man of action for doing great business. Always plan ahead and there should be plan B. Last but not least don’t compete with other, compete with yourself, be better that yesterday you were.


One must be man of action for doing great business.

- Santosh Raskar




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