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Sanmeet Kaur - Great Companies Women Entrepreneur Award Winner 2020

Sanmeet Kaur

Sunson Trainings

Business Coaching/ Motivational Speaker

Company Details

I am on a mission to help atleast 100000 Entrepreneur to take their Business to the Next Level. I Mentor Business Owners and help them to fill the gap in their business so that they can Grow Their business. I train their team to be more productive and efficient and last but not the least i motivate / empower people so that they can get best out of their potential which can help them to lead a successful life.

What challenges have you overcome to reach where you are now

Its been a long journey...Reason behind becoming a Motivational Speaker is my Son who is no more and died 6 years back due to Brain Tomour, that moment i consumed so much motivational stuff which helped me overcome, and i decided when videos of 5-10 minutes can motivate me , definitely i should also Motivate, mentor people so that they can come our of their problems, either personal, professional or Entrepreneurial.I have an experience of more than 13 years working in Companies ...before i become a mentor /Speaker

What message you want to give for other aspiring women entrepreneurs

We need to understand that " EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE" ...Women has a strong potential and can definitely become Entrepreneurs...We are so blessed by god with such qualities by which we can manage our family and our business take a step ahead...think of a problem which people are facing and build a business around it...and you will definitely be successful.....

To what do you attribute your success

These are my top 3. I could list many more however these are the 3 that I believe are most important. STRONG DETERMINATION TO ACHIEVE MY GOAL - You will get end number of reasons to quit your goal, but there will be only very few reason which will act as a fuel to your Success... STRONG CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE- while working with my clients I always keep in mind what they are going through and what best i should provide to them so that they can come out of their challenges BELIEVES IN GOD - i have seen very ups and down in my i always feel that some energy ie God is there who has choosen me to give positive impact in people's life. Others have given me when i needed the same a lot, and now its my turn to do the same ...

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