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Sanjeev Jain- Founder of CEOITBOX & MD of TNS Networking Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Great Companies: Can you commence by telling us a little bit about TNS Networking?Sanjeev Jain: I am a serial entrepreneur. My tech co called TNS (Technology Never Sleeps) develops  large IT Infra for  Railways, Honda, L&T, NDTV, Ireo etc. We have a team of 200 people approx with experts of different domains like Networking, Cyber Security, Video Communications, Infrastructure Security & Extra Low Voltage (PA & EVAC Systems, Building Management Systems) etc.  Currently I am working on my 3rd venture where I train entrepreneurs to use cutting edge Technology to fully automate their business & run it from their smart phone. I have trained over 3000 entrepreneurs including owners & directors from companies like Okaya, Action TESA, Mikrotek, Anmol Biscuits on using cutting edge Technology to streamline their business and run it from a smartphone with complete automation. 

I am an MBA from the IIFT, Delhi with over 25 years of business experience. I am married to Ekta and have two sons Abhinav (20) and Arjun (17). I am an active Rotarian and  a support Director in BNI. 

Great Companies: With the onset of Global Pandemic Coronavirus, do you think it will be a major setback for budding entrepreneurs?

Sanjeev Jain: No, the setback is temporary. This will only give a push to my ideology - "Disrupt your business yourself before you get it as a gift from someone". We are in the world of VUCA, this Pandemic has only given us a glimpse into the future. Most businesses will not survive if they do not reinvent themselves. With exponential growth of Technologies such as AI, Cloud, IOT & Robotics, a huge amount of repetitive work will be automated. Businesses that do not add value in new and unique ways will be eliminated. It's time to sit back and re-evaluate your business. What problem is your business solving ? Is it worth solving anymore ? Can you solve it better than others using the latest technology ? Its time to automate all the routine work in your business and start thinking of the Next Thing for your industry\domain.  Great Companies: You have a lot of Happy Consumers gathering from your testimonials, how do you manage to keep them so happy?

Sanjeev Jain: Being an entrepreneur with 3 successful businesses, I was seriously frustrated with the amount of hard work I had to put into each company to keep it alive. Our rote based education system doesn't prepare us for business challenges and most entrepreneurs are re-inventing the wheel and finding their own solutions to common problems - How to get orders, how to manage production, how to get people to follow processes, how to minimize errors, how to get paid on time etc. I even attended long & expensive trainings by many business coaches but found that their theories are difficult if not impossible to implement in a real business. I have therefore developed a completely practical approach in my company to develop "Repeatable Systems" using tech to solve all these issues permanently. This is the reason why our clients are happy and find lasting value in our offerings. 

Great Companies: What is the success mantra behind your company’s progress till date?Sanjeev Jain: Our success mantra is to add "Ultra-Value" for our customers in all our solutions. Whatever we provide is practical with zero theory and demonstrated applications that we have tested in  our own 3 companies. Furthermore, we are constantly finding new technology to solve the same old business problems in more innovative ways and training our customers on using the same



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