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Sanjay D Patolia, Founder & CEO at Vibranium Alltech Pvt Ltd

Kindly brief us about the company, its specialization, and its services.

Vibranium is a revolutionary antivirus company in the field of cybersecurity that has been ranked No.1 Globally in performance test by Pass Mark Certification.

Mr Sanjay Patolia Managing Director of Vibranium is on a mission of ransom free India he has developed expertise and has done a lot of research before launching vibranium on September 17 2021.

In its first year its self, Vibranium has more than 1 lakh active users, 11000+ Active channel partners, and more than 100 distributors in 14+ states across India.

One of the biggest threats to the digital world is the consistent ransomware attacks that target individuals, businesses, and governments. In 2021 alone, these attacks caused losses of more than $20 billion globally, disrupting several economies. Here it is important to understand the magnitude of the damage if we take into account the incidents that are not reported. Vibranium ensures a robust and distinctly intelligent cybersecurity system that defends the client from any form of data abuse and ransomware attacks. Amongst all 1 Lakh+ users of Vibranium, not a single ransomware attack has been reported yet.

We have developed one of the world’s most effective, automized proactive cyber security systems. We offer simple to install and operate, optimised and powerful overall data protection against cyber threats and cyber-attacks.

Vibranium is committed to make all our digital lives simpler and safer.

Give a brief overview of your background and role in the company.

A field engineer, Computer service provider, networking infrastructure provider in retail and channel sales, the regional distributors of innumerable products, companies and Brands for Gujarat, I have been fortunate to have ground up journey of more than 20 years in the field of ICT. Throughout my two decades of professional career antivirus software is something that always fascinated me.

While spearheading a largely spread distribution business, I experienced the gap between the real requirement of Indian users, transparent channel policy for channel partners, and the available options in the field of Cyber security. To bridge this gap, I decided to leave a thriving business to create Vibranium. Today Vibranium has highly skilled team to provide the best antivirus system and services in the market

What past experiences, achievements, or lessons shaped your journey as a successful CEO?

Success is a journey not a destination I have enjoyed the journey till date. The journey itself and the people whom I met during the journey have contributed a lot through sharing and experiences. Through two decades I could see that the end users suffer helplessly through ransomware and other cyber-attacks they had no options but to compromise. This victim like environment forced me to think about the possible way out. As an entrepreneur I did not want my countryman to wait for some other country to provide the solution. Make in India inspires me and I took it on. I saw that once the data is stolen extortion money was demanded, no guarantee of getting the data back even after the paying money, the threat itself and uncertainty associated with it shook me from the core. That made me resolve to make INDIA a ransomware free country. So Vibranium designed AI run Completely automated antivirus solution, it is used by more than 1,25,000 active users across India and not a single ransomware attack or incidents reported as of now.

Its not enough to see tomorrow with today’s perspective, we must see today with tomorrow’s understanding – this is the lesson that I have learned and I practice this every day.

Kindly mention some of the initial challenges you faced during the first phase of your journey.

In the early phase of Vibranium the research and development aspects were smooth. One of the major challenges was to manage adequate time for vibranium. The team that was there had different skill sets, they were trained differently, they had experience in different domain and the task assigned was from a completely new domain.

The decision maker, I, had to transform the way I look at the problem and the solutions.

Aligning my decisions, working with team and utilising the resources was the biggest challenge.

I had been working with a large network for a very long time but the methodology and the systems were entirely different and vibranium required a completely new mindset to design business policies to make the network win. These challenges gave us an opportunity to create something that the world of cyber security had never seen before.

Describe some of the vital attributes that every leader should possess.

I can share the attributes that have worked for me. I have generated courage to execute what I could see forwarding vibranium another thing is that I have learned to work with people who are more skilful than I am. Throw-out the journey I never allowed my focus to get deviated and last but not the list relentlessly follow your passion. The option of being tired doesn’t exist.

How do you innovate your products/solutions that appeal to your target audience?

For us at Vibranium we have two sets of target audience one the end users and second our channel partners and distributors. While creating our products and providing solutions we always look at the existing gaps in the cyber security market.

We could see that the end users was not fully proactive and they had to suffer data losses by cyber-attacks. We created an antivirus that is proactive and prevents attacks. Now the end users are getting what they are paying for vibranium. Channel partners had a lot of complains regarding unfair and insensitive business practices. At vibranium we have designed uniform and fair business practices throughout our business network. To appeal our target audience we have removed complexity and created simplicity in the product, Services and policy. In the future the approach is going to be the same.

How are disruptive technologies like Artificial Intelligence/IoT/ Automation/Cloud Computing/Big Data/Robotics (You may mention any technology based on your focus area) impacting today’s innovation and how has the role of a leader has changed over the years?

In the field of Cyber Security and Data protection domain, any device which is connected to the internet it can be attacked or hacked. Millions of new malware and threats emerging in the cyber world every day. The people who are working in the dark side of the digital world are unethical, they find new ways to damage every day, the practices they adopt are weird and unthinkable and so the traditional routine protection technology will not be able to match either the velocity or the efficiency of this dark horses and to combat this emerging threat we have to adopt one step ahead technology to provide data protection to end point.

Vibranium invented first time in the cyber security world the Revolutionary Technology based on artificial intelligence and data science algorithm is “Blue Dome”, By this invention of Blue Dome Vibranium is able to identify, detect and block past, present and future threats on Realtime proactive detection technology.

The ability of Blue Dome is unmatched and unbeatable behaviour observation technology of every byte of internet traffic through deep dive and deep look to identify and block malicious code and malicious file which can be compromise, modify or stole your data from Cyber-attacks. In the digital era vibranium is the light that shows the path forward.

When I look at my focus area the role of a leader has changed drastically over the years in today’s world it is not sufficient to have bold and ambitious ideas. The leader should also have the practical capabilities needed to realise those ideas. I have also observed than the new age leaders will have to use the traditional approaches to help direct the company success and will also have to create a culture that is forward focused.

How do you see the company and the industry in the future ahead?

In the next 15 years, as our societies become more digital, data protection will emerge as the most critical challenge. As Robert Mueller (FBI Director 2012) says there are only two type of Companies, those that have been hacked and those that will be. When we foresee that future, I want to dedicate my future work in creating a sustainable and ethical ecosystem that creates extra ordinary skilful teams to encounter challenges. Vibranium has taken the wake-up India pledged and is out to train 30,000 Channel partners across India, this trained Indian “Army” of 30 thousand Channel Partners are serving the end users as their super heroes and provide complete data protection from cyber attacks by using latest and enhanced tools and tactics of Vibranium. Till now, the size of that “Army” is more than 7000.

What is your advice for budding or emerging CEOs/business leaders/executives?

For budding or emerging CEOs I have a few request.

never get stopped by shortage of resources

hold on the dream does come true

be grounded

Surround yourself by people who belive in you

It is vital for emerging leaders to develop the ability to understand the shortcomings of the market, know genuinely what the end user requires, and strive incessantly to create a solution for the same. And in this journey, ethics and values play a significant role. I believe in walking along with my team, growing together with my partners, always thinking of the ecosystem of different stakeholders, and never looking for short-term profits.

Any other insights

Each Indian who is not threatened, who does not have to pay ransom money in the exchange of data, whose data is protected by vibranium is step towards ransomware free India.

This is what inspires us as Vibranium and we will march on till whole India is ransomware free.

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