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Sanja Jovanovic, Founder at Talent Academy

Great Companies: Can you tell a little bit about your company Talent Academy?

Sanja Jovanovic: Talent Academy is an award winning public speaking training business. We aim to facilitate presentation and communication skills for both individuals and organisations at a professional level. I deliver public speaking programs to equip our clients with the skills to present themselves more effectively and engage audiences. My workshops have assisted to improve the communication skills of teams and management within the defence force, higher education with researchers and educators, and recently with TEDxAdelaide and TEDxUniSA. Talent Academy has had the opportunity to work across various sectors in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and broadly in China. Public speaking made easy!

Great Companies: What makes Talent Academy different from hundreds of other Public Speaking firm's ?

Sanja Jovanovic: I started as a seasoned performer with a rich background in performing arts and musical theatre. Whereas most of our competitors stand from a corporate perspective, Talent Academy designs content from a theatre-based approach. We fully understand what it is like to stand in front of an audience and can assist our clients in nailing that interview or pitch presentation by first conquering their stage fright, thus improving on their communication skills. We deliver tailored workshops for our clients and are adaptable to working with those of diverse backgrounds, including women, migrants, the indigenous or disabled.

Great Companies: What are the various Services provided by your company?

Sanja Jovanovic: Talent Academy offers coaching services for professional development. We are involved with mentoring for business planning, pitching, networking, marketing and more, having worked with business executives, corporate teams, entrepreneurs, as well as students. With over 20 years of experience on-screen and on-stage, I assist speakers in structuring and delivering presentations and TEDx talks.

We provide One-to-one Coaching Workshops to tailor to your needs, Team Training for larger groups, as well as Online Training Courses to give you a taste of our workshops.

Whenever you are in need of Media or MC services, Talent Academy also has the contacts to assist you in finding experienced talent for voice overs and marketing actors to help you create flawless promo videos.

Great Companies: Why is Public Speaking Important? What are the Benefits of Public Speaking?

Sanja Jovanovic: Public speaking skills and effective communication are extremely useful in many aspects of work and life. They are vital for those in call-centres, face-to-face sales, interview scenarios, media relations and press releases, keynotes and managerial level training, yet also essential in daily networking interactions.

Public speaking can be scary and confronting for anyone. Whether you're facing the stage, screen, interview or even a social setting that might be difficult, communicating and presenting yourself effectively can help you engage with your audience, build confidence and avoid those 'butterflies'!

Great Companies: What are the struggles and challenges you face?

Sanja Jovanovic: A challenge I have faced when working one-to-one with individuals is that at times it may be difficult to help them fully overcome their stage fright without a physical stage or audience. Unlike my Team Training workshops collaborating amongst larger groups, One-to-one Coaching is limited to the client practising at our office and at home. I do, however, provide advice on various techniques to help them practise and build confidence as well as tips and tricks to relieve their anxiety during presentations and present themselves professionally. Remember: Practice makes better!

Great Companies: How do you plan to grow in the future? What does 5 years down the line look like for Talent Academy?

Sanja Jovanovic: As a first step in entering the global market, we have recently released an Online Training platform with pre-recorded courses, targeting remote learning or for those not yet ready for One-to-one Coaching. In five year's time, we are looking to expand our business by hiring more staff and participating in more mentorship programs. We look to establish even stronger networks within national and international markets. As I always say, Your network is your net worth!



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