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Sameer Somal, CEO at Blue Ocean Global Technology

How did you get the idea or concept for your business?

In 2011, I planned for the launch of a wealth management company—a registered investment advisor—and realized that I didn’t want to be held back by technology resources. To help us build a tech-savvy company from the start, I did a Google search for smaller technological companies run by people of character because such companies are more likely to establish long-term partnerships with other companies. Using that information, I interviewed around a hundred companies globally and in the emerging marketplace in North America. After identifying people who shared our team’s sense of stewardship and integrity, we assigned them projects and later hired them to launch the wealth management firm and build its digital presence. Through this process, my team and I realized that we had spent significant time (roughly a year) finding these great partners and that we should share and extend our resources to other businesses. There was a real opportunity for expansion because companies across industries were looking for the same type of partnership we sought ourselves. And this is how Blue Ocean Global Technology was born.

Our company exists today because of our due diligence. We recognized that all the milestones we were trying to accomplish with technology solutions and digital marketing were ultimately related to reputation and brand image. So, we branded ourselves as a company that focuses on building online reputations and helps represent other companies’ goodwill, trust, relationship capital, and value.

What are the various services provided by Blue Ocean Global Technology?

Blue Ocean Global Technology offers a range of services, from reputation repair to building a brand. Our company caters to clients with a commitment to achieving optimal results in several branches of online reputation management.

For instance, one of our main services is reputation repair. A negative reputation caused by certain content can quickly and adversely affect a company’s trajectory. The company’s profile can become untrustworthy, which limits opportunities. Blue Ocean Global Technology offers specialized services in content removal and the reparation of online profiles. As a result of our campaign, a company’s negative search results are strategically replaced with positive coverage after a careful analysis of the company’s online reputation. This reputation repair for companies is sustainable for the long term.

Blue Ocean Global Technology also specializes in content removal. Defamatory and negative content can cause serious financial difficulty and intangible losses for a company. It can also result in lost opportunities and unreliable future careers and often damages the company’s reputation. Blue Ocean Global Technology offers strategic services to remove jeopardizing content and reviews that could negatively influence a prospective client’s perspective.

We conduct cyber investigations. Cyber attacks and crimes aimed at a company, among other perpetrated attacks, have the potential to disrupt business operations and manipulate electronic records. Blue Ocean Global Technology provides digital protection by identifying the perpetrator, mitigating the issue, and safeguarding the company from future defamatory attacks.

Internet defamation is another area in which we offer protection and prevention. False statements about a business can directly or indirectly cause monetary, emotional, and reputational harm. The consequences of online defamation could affect the victim both psychologically and physiologically. Blue Ocean Global Technology assesses such situations and not only identifies the most feasible solutions but also works to remove as much detrimental content as possible.

When it comes to digital crisis management, after carefully investigating the situation and studying the company involved, Blue Ocean Global Technology helps affected companies contact and connect with PR firms to directly address digital crises and uncover solutions.

Finally, I would highlight our personal reputation management services for lawyers. A client’s trust is paramount for lawyers and legal executives. Thus, maintaining a positive reputation as a legal representative is crucial for the representative’s success. Blue Ocean Global Technology’s website offers expert advice for such representatives on building a reputable persona online and invites individuals to contact and consult with our PR and Legal Online Reputation team.

What makes Blue Ocean Global Technology different from hundreds of other similar service providers?

Blue Ocean Global Technology does not just provide you with the services you ask for, it goes beyond that to ensure that your positive reputation is maintained and that future attacks are prevented. We take full responsibility for managing the situation so that you can have peace of mind and focus on other important matters. Our process is transparent and innovative, and we ensure collaborative communication between all parties involved.

Blue Ocean Global Technology offers solutions that are customized to each client’s unique needs, ensuring that the service you receive best fits your company and/or brand. Our team of experts is reliable, honest, and committed to delivering excellence. Most importantly, we devote ourselves to the effort necessary to truly understand a client’s requirements so we can help that client achieve success. Blue Ocean Global Technology cares about your reputation and career.

What were the struggles and challenges you faced and how did you overcome them?

Accepting the fact that sometimes we have to say no to working with people has been a real challenge for me. When you are new to the business, you want to take on as many clients as possible. But we must know when to say no and be able to explain why we’d rather pass on a new relationship. Some clients are not aligned with your company's mission, so I make it known how I want to help people, and I commit to doing so efficiently.

Another challenge is not understanding what a client wants to accomplish. Being unable to fully comprehend a client’s needs is something I have definitely been guilty of. Because of this lack of understanding, I have often transformed the relationship into a transactional one that works only toward the specific mandates the client envisions. But taking the time to really get to know a client and their business can ensure that you understand how to effectively work together.

Lastly, a great struggle has been setting perfection as my standard. Although many people strive for perfection, it is an impossible goal. This has been a hard pill for me to swallow because I am ambitious and constantly seeking success. But we need to acknowledge that we are all human. Both life and business are learning processes. When you set the bar too high, you are naturally going to be disappointed. That’s why recognizing the challenges and struggles along the way and accepting imperfection is part of the journey to reaching optimal output.

How do you plan to grow in the future? What does 5 years down the line look like for Blue Ocean Global Technology?

Blue Ocean Global Technology has evolved from a company that caters to specific elements of marketing to one that works with companies and people that really understand the importance of digital reputation and how online reputation relates directly to their business opportunities. We want to grow this company by working with clients who have the same philosophy as we do. We appreciate clients who want to invest in technology, maintain their digital presence, and can recognize that they have an opportunity to earn a substantial return on their investment if they work with a company that can give them better strategies and improved access to information. We are in a fortunate position, with many people reaching out to us and wanting our help. We strive to work with clients who are committed to generating innovative and progressive strategies to grow their business, and we are focused on building a diverse team that can deliver on our clients’ increasingly complex mandates. We are successful today because we have been flexible and have invested in our clients for the long term by making them aware of all their options. This changes how they envision working with us. What we have realized is that with the high level of output demand and commitment we are building, we become an extension of our client’s team.

If you had one piece of advice for someone just starting, what would it be?

You have to believe in your mission and stay true to it no matter what happens. There will be hurdles in your journey, but if you work hard and remember what you’re working for, while also fostering relationships with people you admire and respect, you will eventually achieve your goals. You must remember that you are climbing the mountain of success. There will be days when you feel like falling off, but you must keep climbing because you will reach the peak one day, and it will be because of your belief, hard work, and the company that you keep along the way.

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