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Sakshi Taneja- Director of Mantthan Web Solutions LLP

Great Companies: What are the attractions of your company? Sakshi Taneja: Mantthan Web Solutions LLP specializes in Branding design, creating landing pages, mobile applications, e-commerce websites, custom software solutions and digital marketing (PPC advertising in Google & social media platforms).

Great Companies: What is your working strategy that ensures your clients endeavor successful? Sakshi Taneja: We work only with in-house team; all our staff being located under the same roof. By doing so, we tackle challenges together, and every team member benefits from the collective knowledge and skill set of the entire team. Great Companies:  How do you pledge that your clients will be 100% satisfied? Sakshi Taneja: We, at Mantthan believe in providing the best of services and innovation to every client. By only working with in-house teams and having a collaborative environment, our developers, designers and business analysts share their knowledge to build a unique solution for the clients. The environment is also conducive to clear communication and collective problem-solving as speedily as possible. Our development process integrates perfectly with other fields such as business analysis and UI/UX design, helping us deliver products tailored to the customer’s needs and making sure the UI looks perfect. Conducting weekly project update meetings help us to develop project transparency about the features we need to factor in during the development stages. With certified ISTQB testers in team and implementation of Bug Tracker and project management tool, we make sure deliveries are effective.

Great Companies:  Do you provide training? Sakshi Taneja: Yes, We offer internships in website/software development to college students.

Great Companies:  What was the reason for beginning Mantthan Web Solutions when there were many competitors in the field? Sakshi Taneja: Today, the world is opening to highly personalized and customized solutions tailor-made to provide impetus to all types of industries, however small or big they are. The idea to start Mantthan was conceived in 2016 when we first successfully developed Multi-Vendor portal for Bangalore based Startup.



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