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Sai Kiran Kotakonda- Director of IClickYou

Great Companies: Can you commence by telling us a little bit about ICLICKYOU?

Sai Kiran Kotakonda: IClickYou is your one stop photography and videography destination. Headed by Sai Kiran Kotakonda, a passionate and skilled photographer has  a team of professionals who not only  seek perfection constantly in our art but also work with passion. Our roots are from Hyderabad but we spread our arms to every corner of the world. We travel extensively on outdoor photo shoots, cover weddings and feed our irrepressible appetite for photography with the contented smiles on our clients' faces. Great Companies: How did you come up with the idea of starting ICLICKYOU? What has been your inspiration?

Sai Kiran Kotakonda: I  have excavated in me and decided that the subtle smiles of a person in an occasion can not be told but can be shown! And to give the lifetime happiness to the people, I  have enrouted towards clicking.  A thing that you see in ICLICKYOU pictures is that I was  never afraid to fall in love with the people.Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich the reality truly is. That drove me to start this ICLICKYOU as my passion is and my dream is my inspiration! Great Companies: What kind of services does ICLICKYOU provide to its clients?

Sai Kiran Kotakonda: A photographer by passion,  I am a storyteller who documents tales through candid photographs that capture the essence and emotion of my subjects. I am also an avid traveller and enjoys working on outdoor shoots in unique locations. Since 2012 I have worked on a wide spectrum of photography assignments including wedding shoots, couple shoots, fashion photography, child shoots and shoots of the cultural heritage of India. I aspire to portray the passionate, emotional and aesthetic aspects of Indian cultural heritage to the world in a way that has never been portrayed before.

Great Companies: How much does customer satisfaction mean to ICLICKYOU?

Sai Kiran Kotakonda: As photography is not just my profession but passion by blood, customer satisfaction is the only thing that makes me survive.  Making a customer feel great about their transaction with me is the best way to get return customers.we are obsessed with customer satisfaction as a Loyal Customer is a treasure that is to keep and hide from the world. Great Companies: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? What do you think sets ICLICKYOU apart from all your competitors?

Sai Kiran Kotakonda: Since 2012, Ever since my passion has turned to my profession,I have not back stepped with any hurdle. I was awarded the national third prize for my innovative photograph of Kumbh Mela Ujjain 2016. In the same year, I was also appointed as the only official photographer for Srisailam Devasthanam in Andhra Pradesh. Again in 2018 I have received the prestigious NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC AWARD in living cultures category . So with all these achievements and strong determination,  I would like to stand as an idol for the upcoming photographers with passion. I would like them to follow my footsteps to enter the great world of advents. I would like to hear me and my brand as the supreme.



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