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Sachin P M of Rishta Capital

Great Companies: What all services does your company provides as an advisory firm?

Sachin P M: We provide 360 degree investment advisory services in asset-classes like Mutual Funds, Direct Shares, Portfolio Management Services and Tax Planning.

Great Companies: Can you tell us more about your propaganda “More the Options Better The Returns”?

Sachin P M: Our Propaganda simple translates into "Don't Put All Eggs In One Basket". The more  diversified the money in different asset-classes the higher the ROI (Return On Investment) with low-capital risk.

Great Companies: How do you manage to provide satisfying results/advises to your clients?

Sachin P M: We are performance oriented Investment Advisors. Our Investment recommendations are the result of prudent research backed by persistent industry learning and are purely result-driven with zero bias.

Great Companies: What gives your company an edge over your competitors?

Sachin P M: We only charge our clients when their portfolio is making profit, else we share the loss with them through waiving off our entire fee for that respective year.  This is our USP and this gives us an edge over others.

Great Companies: What is vision and mission? How far have you achieved it?

Sachin P M: Vision - Expert Investing and Beyond , We wish to be an encouraging partner for our clients, when it comes to their financial goals. Our relationship never perishes once the customer start investing but it goes much beyond along with the varied life-stages of our clients., hand-holding them towards their financial independence.

Mission- To manage a total Asset Under Management (AUM) value of more than 150 Crores within next 5 years across Clients.

We have been gradually moving towards our mission. Currently we hold a portfolio value of Rs. 25 Crores of AUM within 1.5 years of operation and the same is increasing day by day.



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