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Sachin Ambekar of S S Design Studio

Great Companies:  Can you commence by telling a little about your business?

Sachin Ambekar: We are a group of individuals from the architecture & design field, making our way to achieve a harmony between spatial planning, engineering and design which yearns for timelessness. We believe that design has the capacity to change how we perceive the world around us. We set up our own studio in 2018, but have been working before that, gathering experience since 2014 in the field of design with practical and academic projects linked to our profile. We like to take things one day at a time, so to speak, as that keeps us to keep things real for everyday design challenges.

Great Companies:   How do you provide such quality services to your clients? Is it because of your team or your methods? Sachin Ambekar: Architectural design is very close to the role of a director in film making actually. Just like a director we have to deal with budgets, timeline, more so we have to keep the overall vision of the project intact. Only difference is the film is for a much larger audience and our projects are for a single entity(the client). Once that is met and the client is happy, in the process you've served the client well. And the process involves casting of your own team to create everyday and work around a narrative.

Great Companies:  How are you able to build a "perspective for your clients"? Sachin Ambekar: We always believe that it is important to create something which is for the "greater good", so to speak. But not necessarily a client might see from a designer's POV always. Hence we constantly try to educate our client as well, rather than imposing our choices of materials/ forms for a specific design brief. And that's why design has always been a collaborative process, as it is not only for designers satisfaction but also for a client by end of the day. And as one of my mentors Puran Kumar once said, "Good thing about perspective is that it can be changed". We believe in that. That's why we believe in convincing a client as opposed to just dropping ideas on them with no context or thought as to how we have arrived at the design conclusion.

Great Companies:   Why should any potential client choose you ?

Sachin Ambekar: Choosing a designer for a project is based on several aspects, sometimes cursory or with in-depth research. With the current scenario, there are several architects and interior designers(established as well as emerging) in the field, with outputs both on high-end and low cost spectrum. But the crux of design is not just the outcome, but the process itself. As by end of the project if the clients, craftspeople, designers have not enjoyed any part of the process, then somehow the collaboration was a failure even if it gave stark output. Moreover, we strive for design clarity and meeting deadlines more than anything in the process, as that is one of the biggest value additions for you as a designer in the project. Because one key offering apart from deliverables, is your own time to the client, which is what designers are hired for apart from their expertise in the subject. And that is what we believe is the pinnacle of the reason why our clients have got their projects designed by us, consecutively at times.

Great Companies:  How do you plan to improve and increase your market reach?

Sachin Ambekar: There are companies(not necessarily design oriented) which believe that - 90% of the work is to come up with an idea, that is the ultimate failure on a longer run, I believe. As what matters is the process. And with any process, there is always a room for doubt or to improve. Improvement is not only vital for any established or new company for a small span of time, but it should be a reiterating exercise that can drive the business to a better reach. In this time of lockdown, now more than ever we need to reinforce our relations with current clients and touch base with the team. In order to keep the business open for a potential clientele, social media is used at its peak right now, and that is a correct approach. Professions of the likes of doctors/ lawyers, by law we architects also cannot advertise, leaving the only way to grow business is meeting new people, which can be powered with social media apart from open design discussions on online platforms.



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