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S. Mithun Raja of Algabrew

Great Companies: Can you tell us the reason behind this unique name of your company?

S. Mithun raja:The reason behind the unique name is the kind of product we deal with. Our company deals only with algae products. So the name was coined suitably.

Alga – meaning single, non-flowering, typical aquatic macro & micro plants that include seaweeds and many single celled forms.

Brew – making, fermenting, developing, growing.

The name coveys about what the company does. Hence the name ALGABREW.

Great Companies: What all products does your company provides?

S. Mithun raja:Rite now Algabrew provides Spirulina products only. We provide 5 variants namely Organic Spirulina Power 100g, Organic Spirulina Powder Sachet (pack of 15 & 30 units of 3g each), and Organic Spirulina Veg Capsule (bottle of 60 & 90 units).

Great Companies: How far has your product been able to help your customers?

S. Mithun raja:Algabrew is a one year old startup, our customer base is still expanding locally. Our customers are satisfied with the results they feel after using our products. Basically it takes a week to a month time for the individual to feel the results as it varies person to person. Women and senior citizens notice the change much earlier than others. They feel energetic and more active all day.

Great Companies: What is your company’s vision and mission?

S. Mithun raja:Our mission is to provide fulfilled nutrition to all age groups, it aims to future-proof the world with massive productions of spirulina & allied products to eliminate malnutrition.

Great Companies: What gives your company an edge over other companies manufacturing organic nutrition supplements?

S. Mithun raja:Compliant with esteemed standards such as EU organic standards, ISO, FSSC, GMP, and HACCP, Our manufacturing unit has a production capacity of 200 kilograms per month. Moreover, having in-house R&D facility allows it to have perfect control over the quality & authenticity of our products. Finest of raw materials sourced fresh & locally, we ensure to maintain the best possible quality during the production & packing process. Besides keen attention to availability of good sunlight throughout the day and water PH maintenance, it ensures the addition of approved organic nutrients to the algae culture for proper growth of the algae. Packed under controlled environment, our executives are fully equipped with face masks, head cover & hand gloves to ensure quality. Additionally, we have implemented the 5S (sorting, storing, shine, standardization & sustain) methodology to further improve the productivity of our standardized & process based company.

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Sree Harrish
Sree Harrish

Towards sustainable development! Congrats😁

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