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S.Hariharasudhan- Managing Director of Sun Interiors and Builders

Can you commence by telling a little about your start –up? Myself Hariharsudhan S , completed my B. Arch in 2001 and started this firm with Architectural consultancy. There was a challenge in execution of our design with other contractors. So we planned to have a good execution setup and added our Construction vertical. By the year  2004 Mr. Vigneshprabu S , joined us to take care of the Interior vertical. We took selected projects and our father Mr. surendran B.Sc, M.A, after his retirement joined us to look after the entire administration of the organisation. Then by the year 2005 , we started our manufacturing plant with German made machineries for the fabrication of interior storage units for residential and commercial interiors.  We are now a team of young and energetic Architects, Visualisers , Interior designers, Engineers, Technical skill-full workforce.  What is your team’s greatest accomplishment with the company? S.Hariharasudhan:We have created a structured organisation in the construction industry where the client can get his dreams converted to reality. We have created a proper self running workflow and systems to handle any type of  projects.  We work on micro areas to have a great hold in the Time , Quality and Design How do you manage your clients?

S.Hariharasudha:"We have effective project management system to capture client’s doubts and clarify immediately. Project updates are regularly updated to clients. We get proper approvals for the costs in prior and guide them to have the cost in control. 

What is the purpose of your company?

S.Hariharasudhan:Any construction involves an Architect, Engineer , Interior designer , Construction team , modular Storage units. It’s a tough job for a client to coordinate with these many people and achieve the design and quality what they expect.  We give here an one point solution for all of the above.  What do you see your company in five years?

S.Hariharasudhan:To be one among the client preferred construction company in Tamil Nadu , Karnataka , Kerala. 



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