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Russell Organics - Winner of the Great Companies Global Business Award - 2023

Business Name: Russell Organics

Name: Richard Russell

Location: Wallingford CT

Establishment (Year): 2009

Category / Industry: Skin Care Brand

Number of employees: 11-50 employees

Website URL:

Company Detail:

Russell Organics is an award-winning U.S. based skin care brand that pioneered the Clean Beauty category.

Our objective has always been to formulate skin care products of exceptional quality that are free-from the many toxins used in the beauty industry. We were a pioneer in the Clean Beauty movement that is widely embraced today.

We set out to create the world's finest skin care products with expert formulations, and prestige, natural solutions to modern-day beauty needs. The result was a revolution in philosophy and technique that remains at the heart of Russell Organics -- Products formulated for our customer's needs, not to meet a retailer's price point or marketing objective. It has required a constant and tireless search for the best natural ingredients, without resorting to gimmicky packaging or false product claims. You will see that unlike almost all of our competitors, we always make full ingredient disclosures in all company literature. And I will not allow unethical manufacturing processes.

Searching the globe for the purest, most effective natural ingredients, I believe we have created splendid formulations of truly luxurious products for the face and body. By using specific, natural ingredients, we have been able to satisfy the needs of various skin types.

Specialization Product/Services:

Russell Organics manufactures facial care products.

Unique Value Proposition:

We pioneered the Clean Beauty category which is now the best selling category in the global skin care market.

A customer’s review:

Most innovative products/services, Best clean skin care formulations.

Community / Society Service:

Russell Organics is toxin-free, cruelty-free, and vegan.

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