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Rupinder Khurana, Founder at Golden EbuyZ

Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Rupinder Khurana: I have specialization in IT , Digital electronics, Networking and SAP servers. I started my professional journey in 1996 and during this tenure I have worked with many leading industrial giants ranging from leading IT companies then to leading BPO and E-commerce company and also into major brands of Healthcare industry into the IT, Networking and ITES domains all through the professional path of my career. This had become a routine for me working into the IT domains in all leading industrial giants. I worked into multiple jobs for a tenure of 23 years and during the course of my career path I realized that I am not able to fully utilize my potential as now the scope of learning is limited as I have attained a professional level.

Therefore, with a varied experience of 23 years into the IT, ITES and E-commerce domains I decided to venture out my own company by the name of Golden EbuyZ in the same sectors with a low cost formula that will suit every company that is associated with Golden EbuyZ and thus my venture was initiated in 2019. During the covid since the people relied totally for E-commerce and online shopping for their daily needs this also added in my favor and thus propelled my professional venture into fetching more business.

Also more business creates more opportunities, so Golden EbuyZ is also a start and an initiative to provide job opportunities to the professionals who are highly skilled and seeing out new work opportunity and also for those who are laid off from their present company due to covid.

Great Companies: What are the various Services provided by Golden EbuyZ

Rupinder Khurana: After a thorough market research and looking into the present times there was a need for a low-cost and sustainable E-commerce, IT and ITES models Golden EbuyZ has been initiated with its headquarter in New Delhi, India. Golden EbuyZ is an E-commerce, IT and ITES enterprise. In the E-commerce domain this company deals into Motorbike accessories and also humanly cultivated handicrafts which are best suited for Homes, Hotels and Office decor.

In the E-commerce domain Golden EbuyZ has affiliations with Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Shopclues, Rediff shopping and Indiamart for niche of goods that are being offered.

In the ITES domain, Golden EbuyZ is a one-stop solution for every business that provides a plethora of services to every company in the sectors of Outsourced Company Management, Outsourced Human Resources Management, Website and App development and SME Company branding.

Great Companies: What makes Golden EbuyZ different from hundreds of other similar service providers?

Rupinder Khurana: Following are the Highlight features of Golden EbuyZ

1. Complete customer satisfaction with excellent after sales support.

2. Golden EbuyZ as a technology works with the complete sate of art technology.

3. Quality Driven approach

4. Honor and commitment to all users and customers.

5. High quality product and services

The total experience of Golden EbuyZ is unique thereby providing one on one support for every product and service that is being offered. Golden EbuyZ focuses on the real world methodology considering the real time requirements of the users and customers, thereby working par excellence on the cutting edge digital B2C and B2B platforms. Golden EbuyZ also cults to provide technology driven audio and video based product knowledge in terms of the customized knowledge data center for users and customers and other stakeholders of the entire framework of the complete supply chain system.

Golden EbuyZ takes pride in technical capabilities of its technical team which have come from a divergent background be it Website development, App development, E-commerce team or ITES services team. All the teams also extend their support to the users and customers for seamless after sales support or for any other ethical query.

By blending the newest business and marketing strategies with the updated layers of IT technology and implementation of IT guidelines and principles, Golden EbuyZ focuses on clear objectives and combining the cutting edge product range with the latest technology to propel perfectness for the product and IT based services.

Golden EbuyZ is also a start and an initiative to provide job opportunities to the professionals who are highly skilled and seeing out new work opportunity and also for those who are laid off from their present company due to covid.

Great Companies: What are the struggles and challenges you face?

Rupinder Khurana: In developing any business enterprise there are many risks and challenges that have to be undertaken. When this enterprise Golden EbuyZ was started I did not have much knowledge of the initiation of the enterprise. There is a saying Entrepreneurs are not born they are made. So many challenges were ahead in the entire operations of this enterprise. There were many challenges along the successful working of this enterprise which are listed as follows:

1. The biggest challenge was to assemble a competent and knowledgeable team to carry out the operations and complete running of the technical aspects of the users and customers.

2. Sourcing the right and quality material was another challenge.

3. Now when we had a team and the sourcing of the material was done finding the potential customers was a bigger challenge.

4. During the course of work another challenge surfaced as to how to increase our brand awareness in the potential market.

5. Money management was another challenge that was on the scales of running our enterprise.

6. Lastly during the running of the enterprise we the management found out that this business entity is primarily dependent on the founder that is myself for the complete operations of this enterprise. To make the operations of this enterprise self dependent was a big task for this a complete rework of the entire business model was required. Authority of competent HODs was worked and JDs of the HODs and all the team members were re-worked. They were given added responsibilities so as to be able to function without the founder and management. The processes were tested during the phase of time and ultimately a complete business working machinery was put into practice in the actual working of this enterprise.

Still during the running of this enterprise there are some challenges that arise that were previously unseen for but now with the background of rich experience and know how these challenges are overcome.

Great Companies: How do you plan to grow in the future? What does 5 years down the line look like for Golden EbuyZ?

Rupinder Khurana: This enterprise Golden EbuyZ started from a scratch in 2019. Since then it has faced many challenges many ups and downs. These challenges were dealt with that required a great deal of planning and actual ground work. Golden EbuyZ plans to outgrow in the coming years. We plan to outgrow this enterprise as a IT hub working with plethora of services which include software development, Android and Apple based app development, Initiation of Golden EbuyZ BPO unit and catering of international clients.

In a developing country like India where the IT is growing at a much faster pace and at times we are just at par with the developed countries in regards to the IT development. Looking into this frenetic pace of the development Golden EbuyZ aims and looks forward to provide services that will utilize complete internet based technology to provide lo cost yet effective and one point solutions to its users and customers.

Apart from the IT based service provider Golden EbuyZ also aims to be a job provider thereby working hand in hand with the present industrial pace of IT based services demand and supply with equal job opportunities to the deserving candidates.

Great Companies: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Rupinder Khurana: No work is easy and every work starts from scratch. With the right planning, business acumen and right team a business scales to new heights.

Metaphorically speaking there is equal sunshine and big accomplishments for all those who are working hard and have a dream to achieve big in life. The need is to rise beyond the ordinary. In one line.... Rise above the clouds and you will find your sunshine.



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