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Rouchelle Dabral, Founder at Rouvolution

Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Rouchelle Dabral: Being a creative person myself, I often struggled to showcase my talent and receive gigs for my writing or digital content. I already ran a blog and a micro community of my own. However, that wasn’t necessarily converting into opportunities. That’s when I realised that there could be a community, an ecosystem that I could build for others just like me! A platform that provides PR services to digital creators, artists and authors who can later monetise on their skills and talents. The platform had to be a company later on and thus the brand name rouvolution was born.

Our motto is ‘You are your own revolution’ which is how I even got started with Rouvolution!

Great Companies: What are the various Services provided by Rouvolution

Rouchelle Dabral: There are two kinds of services we have at the moment. The free and the paid.

Free service includes posting your work for free on instagram within our community.

The paid service is a premium package that includes PR Story, projecting your work on all social media platforms for improving digital presence and to build your portfolio on our website which enables you to get an opportunity to receive brand deals with our associate organisations and startups. (A bonus - it also works as a local SEO for the said artist/creator)

Apart from that we keep hosting virtual events, talk shows, spotlight features and polls. One can keep up to date with the events on @rouvolution across different social media platforms.

Great Companies: What makes Rouvolution different from hundreds of other PR Services providers?

Rouchelle Dabral:

Rouvolution is not just a mediator between creators and brands for business but also a growth based, integrated digital content PR services provider that looks after the authors, artists, creators and firms associated with it even from a long term point of view.

We don’t leave you at your feature story but also take you along with us on the journey of your creative revolution where you can benefit from the community that exists for you! In retrospect an investment in Rouvolution is all very reciprocal.

Great Companies: What are the struggles and challenges you face?

Rouchelle Dabral: One of the early stages of the challenge we faced at rouvolution was to be loyal to our purpose; Which meant being true to the creative mindset and not just looking at our business from a commercial lens.

While deciding on our free service - The free feature (on our instagram platform that allows everyone to get a chance to be visible to the community), we knew that it’s going to be a humongous task in managing the amount of submissions we get. Presenting the posts in a distinctive top notch way - an idea we have taken from the influencer culture and juxtaposed it with writing, art and so much more! With more volunteers onboard, that’s a challenge we are slowly solving.

As an entrepreneur, I too have gotten the chance to face a lot of challenges and often it includes getting things done on time and asking for help when needed. Those are some necessary skills I have developed along the way!

Ultimately, it’s the dynamic team of devoted people working with me on our venture who have truly stood strong at the face of all challenges.

Great Companies: How do you plan to grow in the future? What does 5 years down the line look like for Rouvolution?

Rouchelle Dabral: In the next 5 years we plan on making rouvolution more talent inclusive and easily available to users all over the world through more products.

Rouvolution aims to acquire talent in the true sense of the word and be able to create a more holistic social platform for those looking to innovate. We also are working on taking our virtual presence to an offline domain with the events that really took off during the pandemic.

Apart from that, I do wish to see Rouvolution as one of the fortune 500 companies someday. Nothing like it if it could happen in the next 5 years! The aim is to keep moving forward and accelerate growth from here!. Let’s face it, all of us in the industry have had the Forbes 30 under 30 list wish so that’s definitely been a dream personally!

Great Companies: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Rouchelle Dabral: If you have plans to start then you will definitely have doubts. Don’t shun the doubts, listen to them but start anyway!

The best way to embark on the entrepreneurial journey is to know that you are solving a problem in the market. So if not you, then who?

Maybe someone is already doing it but they will never do it like you. We all are different and can innovate in our own way once we really discover and work with our complete potential. Be fearless, take on the leadership role and build your team; You can fear but fear less and have more faith. You are going to learn a lot along the way, you will struggle but this journey will be even sweeter than success itself



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