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Roopa V - Great Companies Women Entrepreneur Award Winner 2020

Roopa V



Company Details

I am basically an Electrical electronic engineer from Bangalore University with Gold medal in year of 2003. Started my carrier as an electrical designer for all types of buildings . Have worked with leading MEP consultants for over 12years. From 2015, joined as a partner to Esollutions and leading their Bangalore office. Have bought considerably large projects to the firm and have bought the company from 5 employees to over 50plus now and also have considerably increased the turnover. Bangalore market knows me and recongnises me as one of the best MEP consultant

What challenges have you overcome to reach where you are now

Being born in a lower middle class family was the 2nd daughter for my parents. As i was again a daughter, none in the family liked it and was always ignored a lot. After my 10th standard, parents financial position was so poor that they cannot afford my education. Took this as a challenge and studied in Govt college in PUC and secured 95%. Based on marks got, Jindal offered complete scholarship for my BE and thus became gold medalist in one of the toughest department, electrical. Post BE, i single handedly took family responsibility, completed my brother education. Later in 2006 got married to the then collegue by bearing all expenses on own. Though my husband is younger to me, earns less than me and have studied lesser than me, with his continued moral support have grown in this field and from past 5years took the responsibility of running an office in bangalore. Esollutions gave an opportunity to me to leed their Bangalore office and thus became one of the partner of them. Though had moral support from family, friends and other partners, without relaying on anyone have made greater turnover and bought the company to the position it is today

What message you want to give for other aspiring women entrepreneurs

Be brave, Be optimistic, nothing is impossible in life.

To what do you attribute your success

Hard work, focus and positive attitude towards work and life

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