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Rohan Lodha, CEO at Super Scholar

Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Mr. Rohan Lodha: My previous start-up provided interest-free education loans to Indian students. I knew these students individually, and they wanted to study and were super excited with an interest-free EMI option. Yet, most of them got rejected for loans. That's when I knew that something was broken in the Indian education system, and scholarships were the perfect solution. Unfortunately, only 1 in 400 students in India receive a scholarship compared to 1 in 6 in the US.

I knew that for Indian students to get to the next level, EdTech is the best option that offers top-quality global education at an accessible price. We make EdTech even more accessible to every Indian student through our "Edtech Scholarship Program." This is how Super Scholar became the EdTech Scholarship Platform for Indian students.

Great Companies: What are the various services provided by Super Scholar?

Mr. Rohan Lodha: Super Scholar provides the following to its student community:

Course Recommendation and Search Engine

Numerous Ed-Techs are promoting various online courses creating confusion among students to pick the right online course. Super Scholar provides a search engine that lists all the paid and free online courses by bringing all learning platforms under one roof and levels the playing field for small and big Ed-Tech firms. These courses include crash courses, certification courses, micro-degrees, live classes, etc.

Super Scholar also recommends the most relevant course from the candidate's personalized profile, which one creates after sign-up. Course recommendation helps solve tutorial hell and gives an accurate online course roadmap to get your dream job in their dream company.

Ed-Tech scholarships

An Ed-Tech Scholarship is a 21st-century scholarship to provide financial aid for online courses. Ed-tech courses today are expensive; hence, making online courses more affordable Ed-tech scholarship plays a significant role. Therefore, Super Scholar partners with Ed-Techs to provide up to 100% Ed-Tech scholarships to everyone.

Great Companies: What makes Super Scholar different from hundreds of other similar service providers?

Mr. Rohan Lodha:

Super Scholar is the first and only platform that hand holds a student from start to finish. You can start your course search on our platform, pay for it through our scholarships, and eventually get internships and placements with your credentials.

We are also entirely unbiased. We are not sponsored by any individual EdTech company and put the student first over everything else. Our vision is to build a community of students that can review courses and help their peers,

Great Companies: What are the struggles and challenges you face?