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Ritin Gulati of RGA- Design and Build

Great Companies: Can you commence by telling a little about your business?

Ritin Gulati: We are an Architecture Design studio, headed by Myself and have a small and effective team of 7 Architects, designers and Engineers. Our expertise is Residential projects, though we do have Commercial and Retail projects on our plate as well. Great Companies: Can you brief about the various kinds of services provided ?

Ritin Gulati: We provide the following services : 1. Architecture Design ; 2. Interior design ; 3. Construction and execution on turn-key ; 4. Construction Quality management.

Great Companies: How do you provide such quality services to your clients? Is it because of your team or your methods?

Ritin Gulati: I have had 2 years experience in Dubai and follow a well structured system of team and resource management in our projects to deliver them from 0 to 100 without any hiccups. Being a complete team of professionals only, we have expertise in whatever we take up.

Great Companies: Why should the clients choose you ?

Ritin Gulati: We are a 1 stop shop for design and construction and thats a benefit we offer to clients. Today, everyone is busy and seeks 1 team or person to coordinate for anything n everything, which is where we value add for the client.  Great Companies: What do you plan to achieve 5 years down the line?

Ritin Gulati: We wish to double up the projects, staff and systems in our organization in next 5 years.



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