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Rishi Singh, Creative Director at AwesomeSauce Creative

Great Companies: Can you tell a little bit about company Awesome Sauce Creative?

Rishi Singh: Awesome Sauce Creative is a holistic Design, Strategy and Marketing company that aims at making better brands and strategies for customers, so they can focus better on what they do best: selling experiences and products.

Great Companies: What makes Awesome Sauce Creative different from hundreds of other Design and Strategy firms ?

Rishi Singh: In the world of chaos and confusion, we very strongly believe in simplifying and solving the everyday needs of visual and haptic design. And we do this boastfully with an Awesome team of Visual designers, Story-tellers, Bloggers, 3D Artists, Sports Enthusiasts, Marketers and Analysts, we boast an Awesome environment for creativity and magic.

What really separates us from other market competitors is:

Our highly talented team
The inclusive technology adoption to efficiently deliver the best outcome to the customers.

Great Companies: What are the various Services provided by your company

Rishi Singh: We have dedicated teams to fulfill the following services :

  1. Branding

    1. Research & Analysis

    2. Brand Naming

    3. Brand Mark/ Logo

    4. Brand Architecture

    5. Brand Collaterals

    6. Corporate Communication/ Media-Kits

    7. Brand Guidelines

  2. Digital

    1. Social Media Content

    2. Creation

    3. Corporate Communication

    4. Public Communication

    5. UI Design

    6. Web Design & Development

    7. 3D Visualizations & Mock-ups

  3. Marketing

    1. Strategy Planning

    2. Campaign Design

    3. SMM & SMO

    4. SEO (Local & Technical)

    5. Digital Advertising (PPC, etc.)

  4. Print

    1. Stationery Design

    2. Communications Material (Catalogues, etc)

    3. Editorial Design

    4. Graphic Design

    5. Signage Design

    6. Packaging Design

Great Companies: What are the struggles and challenges you face?

Rishi Singh: Awesome Sauce, since day one has been bootstrapped and will continue to be so for at least another year. And during the grass-root days of the company, the only challenge has been finding good people to come, stay and work with us in Lucknow, a tier 2 city. Yes, we have struggled to educate the emerging consumerism in Lucknow, but slowly we are catching pace and converting our struggle into a milestone.

Great Companies: How do you plan to grow in the future? What does 5 years down the line look like for Awesome Sauce Creative?

Rishi Singh:

Awesome Sauce Creative has some bold and ambitious plans in the next 5 years to come. As a young and energetic body, we are looking forward to setting at least 3 branch offices in major cities across India, and 1 international branch office. We are pretty confident to achieve this milestone much before the 5 years timeline.

Great Companies: How do you feel when your company Awesome Sauce Creative was rated as one of the Top 21 Great Companies to watch out for in 2021?

Rishi Singh: It is an Awesome experience and we know that the inhouse talent at Awesome Sauce Creative will help us achieve greater heights in future. Thank you again for shortlisting us as one of the Top 21 Great Companies to watch out for in 2021.

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