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Rinu Kurien Babu, Founder at Clear Picture Consulting

Great Companies : How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Rinu Kurien Babu : While doing my MBA, my favorite subject was Marketing Communications, incidentally, my best scoring subject as well. So after the MBA, I was definitely looking at joining the Advertising Industry. I started working on bigger and bigger brands as I escalated in my career, it was while working in a Bangalore based mid sized agency as its CEO, that I stumbled upon the fact that a lot of SMEs are working with freelancers, where it was more like a run of the mill jobs. There was no clear picture on the brand development plan at all. That was the moment I decided, I want to be in that space, to be the agency for SMEs and startups where we become their strong long term strategical brand partner.

Great Companies : What are the various Services provided by Clear Picture Consulting?

Rinu Kurien Babu : Except events we handle all the touchpoints for a brand. It could be a company which is just getting started, where in we could develop their complete brand identity package to an already running brand which is looking at a complete rebranding or a new project from a company. Any new company that we work with, we do a brand audit to understand the present state of the brand communications, and we start from there. Hence from logos to coffee table books or brochures to corporate websites to lead generation campaigns, we handle it all.

Great Companies : What makes Clear Picture Consulting different from hundreds of other Brand Strategy & Design Agencies?

Rinu Kurien Babu : There are few major highlights which make us stand apart from the hundreds or thousands of other branding companies around (which is even specifically mentioned in our website as well).

We are not here just to make money, whichever company we work with, we are equally or sometimes more passionate about its brand development. We always work with the companies as a part of them, hence we go to any extend to make sure that the work we did is going to give the desired results.

Another reason is the fact that we are a strategy first design company, we look for reasoning in any work we do. All the aesthetically smart designs that we deliver is based on a stronger strategical thought. Unfortunately most of the design companies are not.

Great Companies : What are the struggles and challenges you face?

Rinu Kurien Babu : One of the main challenges is finding the right people, advertising is a people driven industry. We have been extremely selective in terms of the people whom we take on board, we ensure that they are equally passionate as we are. One of the other main challenges is about making the clients understand the value or impact of a fresh idea. The sad fact is that most of the clients in any industry are very skeptical on new ideas or promotions, they always like to follow the herd and be on a safer side than experimenting.

Great Companies : How do you plan to grow in the future? What does 5 years down the line look like for Clear Picture Consulting?

Rinu Kurien Babu : We as a company are on an auto pilot mode right now, we will be expanding only very organically, that has been the plan from day 1. Since advertising & marketing communications is one of the main pillars of any business, we will be working on other startup ideas and products. We are very well aware about our strength, so we will constantly be looking at areas where design is the base. We have one more subsidiary vertical which focuses on wedding card design. In fact as we speak, we are working on another idea on stealth mode. I would definitely want to be working on multiple segments wherever we feel there is a gap we can fill.

Great Companies : If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Rinu Kurien Babu : I am not sure whether i can give you an advice, but i can definitely tell you what i have experienced and what i believe in. Whatever you want to start on, let money not be the reason for starting it, have a very strong passion for the problem that you’re trying to solve or the service that you are providing. Hard work is the other main component, i would say it’s one of the most essential ingredients for success, if you are extremely passionate to do something in life and work really hard to achieving that, i don't see anything stopping you from doing that.



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