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Ridhi Gupta- Founder & Director of Utsaah Learning Private Limited

Great Companies:  Can you commence by telling a little about your organisation?

Ridhi Gupta: Yeah, So, Utsaah was founded 3 years back when two colleagues, who were mothers too realised a common problem that they were not getting good instructors to conduct classes for their respective kids. They kept talking about it and recognising how important it is for the children to get exposed to such art forms and what role it plays in the holistic development of children, how it makes them aware of their environmental and societal responsibilities, followed by thorough research is where Utsaah was incorporated.. Utsaah was founded to make learning an enjoyable and enriching process for the children aged between 5 & 14 through Performing Arts with the focus on bringing back the Teacher - Pupil legacy to transfer knowledge, a never ending learning continuum to create Learners for Life. Manifestation of such learning will lay the foundation, empowering children for a methodical approach to their lives. Revival of credible age old art forms and artistes with traditional learning methodologies is the focus too. We believe in creating an environment of learning which is collaborative and not competitive. We associate with various schools and conduct training programs in art forms like theatre, cooking & baking, Kalari Payattu, varied dance forms, musical instruments, singing and many more.

Great Companies:   How do you provide such quality services to your clients? Is it because of your team or your methods? Ridhi Gupta:   Both. These are infact linked with each other. This domain of performing arts is highly unorganised. Our strength lies in our team and the results are best achieved or you can scale up when we have well defined and uniform processes in place. UTSAAH stands for United Team Solely Associated for Arts and Happiness. One can have a great team but if there is no structured approach, it gets you nowhere. Similarly, one can have a great vision but if the team isn’t right, it’s all in vain. We strive to provide access to consistent quality training in arts during the early developmental years by conducting workshops which are facilitated by trainers who follow a core curriculum curated by accomplished artists, reports are sent to parents periodically, children are given ample chances to perform both within and out of school premises.

Great Companies:  As per the name "UTSAAH", how are you able to bring motivation among the youth and your clientele? Ridhi Gupta:   Ah, that’s the lifeline of our Organisation. Children are the most valuable resource & the best hope for the future. Creative activities are the fundamental building blocks of development. We work with children particularly from the age group of 5 to 14 and our belief in “Happier minds are more productive” always keep us rolling initiatives which make our children stand out tall, for instance we call our children and instructors as HEARTISTs. A formal launch was done by associating with an RJ from FM Radio. Green Child reflects: I’m Receptive Red Child reflects:  I’m passionate Blue Child reflects: I’m Confident We start our class with a pledge which instils Utsaah amongst the children and a feeling that YES, WE ARE HAPPY ARTISTS, WE ARE HEARTISTS. Also, identification of Talent in kids and grooming them further via a structured mechanism, nurturing the talent to create Masters all such initiatives keep the Utsaah of the children soaring high. Some such special value adds are: Utsaah Connect: Utsaah will facilitate complimentary interactive workshops in the domains varying from Financial prudence to public speaking to Media Literacy Utsaah Limelight: Utsaah introduces the Heartists to niche art forms & create an avenue for them to interact with the acclaimed artist. Saga: The Narratives – The Year Book , published in e-form and circulated among parents Coming to the clientele which is schools in this case, the kind of schools we work with either ensure Performing Arts is part of School’s curriculum or does not treat it as Extra- curricular activity but Co- curricular / Co- Scholastic. They want the right associates, where they do what they are best at and outsource their PA programs to us. We have become their THINK TANKS for their Performing Arts related programs. Trust me, the Academic Director of one of the best CBSE school of Karnataka, calls us to check what Utsaah can showcase on special programs within their school and on special felicitation programs too  Raising balanced and happy children with strong character has been the fundamental premise on which schools join hands with us. Some of the direct benefits to them are as follows: • School introduces an array of Performing Arts programs or Hobby Clubs, a one stop associate for all. • Preparing the students for competitions. • International Certifications in some of the courses run by us. • Customised annual presentation towards the end of the academic session. • Showcase on special occasions like Children’s Day , Independence Day etc by students of Hobby Clubs • Thankful Parents.

Great Companies: Why should the customers choose you ? Ridhi Gupta:   Because of our structured approach and delivering more than committed.  Teachers: Generally, schools face the problem of undisciplined, takes uninformed leaves, lack of professionalism. However we provide them well trained and professional instructors to execute the syllabus in the school. Since we have a big pool of instructors, we have the substitute teacher to take case ensuring children do not lose the learning time.  Curriculum: The curriculum is structured and executed in an organized manner that is in line with the school schedule and functions.  Completion Certificate: Students who successfully complete the course as per curriculum, are issued a completion certificate.  Recital/Performance/Exhibition: Students will be prepared for a performance towards the end of the academic year. This performance is incorporated as a part of the school function or done independently.  Assessments & Progress Reports: Students will be periodically assessed and progress reports are sent to parents.  Special VAS, some of the examples stated above



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