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Richa Mongia - Great Companies Women Entrepreneur Award Winner 2023

Name: Richa Mongia

Business Name: Live Fabulous- Redefining Interiors

Location: Gurgaon, Haryana, India

Establishment (Year): 2017

Category/ Industry: Construction, Real Estate and Architecture Services

Profession/ Specialty: Interior Design

Social Media: Linkedin

Company details:

Live Fabulous- Redefining Interiors was founded by Richa Mongia in the year 2017. The company offers services like interior designing, 3D designing, bespoke furniture, and turnkey services. The mission of the company is to redefine the interior industry by utilizing sustainable & environment-friendly solutions that merge with the surroundings & enrich the quality of life.

Unique selling proposition/ competitive advantage:

Being client-friendly, and fulfilling their desires by integrating natural elements with the latest technology to make every Live Fabulous home an escape system from all the chaos of the world. Attention to detail, personalization, and adherence to the client’s budget and timeframe are the key aspects that make Live Fabulous stand unique.

Challenges faced during the journey:

Before her company, Richa Mongia has been pursuing Interior Designing as a passion with a full-time Corporate Job in MNC. To take forward her passion and interest, she left her corporate life and stepped into the industry known for its creativity with a great love for designing. She could not stand that the industry has gender inequality issues and decided to redefine the industry. She took humble changes by stepping into large design firm management with less than 30% women.

Advice for women entrepreneurs:

Richa Mongia strongly believes that women are flexible, adaptable & naturally multitalented. She thrives on multitasking which made her grow as a mother, and woman of the house which improved her design skills & build her business. Also, she stated that she leaves no chance to hire a woman and she’s proud to have women staff working at various levels in her company.



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