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Richa Bhagnari Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2021

Name : Richa Bhagnari

Business Name : You first facilities management services LLC

City : Dubai

Country : UAE

About Brand/Company : My experience in business incorporation and formation in Dubai led me to set up YouFirst. YouFirst is a business setup company, technically. But, for us, YouFirst is about enabling entrepreneurs and business owners to realize their dream of leading their own organization. At YouFirst, it is always the client first.

Many ideas stop from becoming businesses because many owners get intimidated and overwhelmed looking at the different incorporation and setup procedures that have to be followed. We want to make this simpler for them. We want business owners to begin their entrepreneurial journey with confidence and happiness, and not be overwhelmed by statutory clearances.

YouFirst hand-holds companies through their initial incorporation processes right from registering the name to securing various licenses as per the prevailing regulations set up by the Dubai and UAE government. We ensure that once the customers come to us, they have nothing to worry about. YouFirst goes beyond the finish line and advises companies on ways to capitalize on the opportunities in the UAE market and stand out amidst the stiff competition.

YouFirst handles end-to-end business setup operations for companies looking to set up their organization in Dubai. Dubai has different regulations based on location and type of company.

Some of the services offered by us include Trade licenses, Freezone Business Setup, Company Formation for Limited Liability Company, Private Limited, Sole proprietorship, and partnership firms, and other auxiliary services like Dubai court services, PRO services, and document clearances. We also handle liasoning for our clients with the Dubai chamber of commerce, Dubai Economic Department, Dubai Labor Department, and Dubai Immigration.

The Dubai government requires firms to have a local partner if they are residents of Dubai themselves. YouFirst provides them corporate sponsorship so that they don’t have to look for an individual to partner with them, but can be assured of a corporate partner for them in their business journey. YouFirst also provides ready office spaces for startups looking for affordable options for incorporation purposes.

If a client wants to set up their own office space, we also guide them in choosing the best location and property that is ideally suited for their organization.

As we said, the aim is to take over the smaller details so that our clients can work on building their business better.

Dubai is a growing economy, and the rules are different when compared to other countries. For an international organization looking to enter the Dubai and UAE market, it can be quite confusing. With our guidance and custom solutions, we have been able to smoothen the process of setting up a branch office or a new company for many International customers.

YouFirst strives to be every business owner’s partner on their journey to success and prosperity.



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