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Raja M- Proprietor of MJ Audio

Great Companies: Please tell me something about the business and how did you come up with such an idea?

Raja M: "MJ Audio, The Real Cinema" introduced the South Asia’s first 13.2 channel, Dolby ATMOS, 4K PRO UHD/3D, Luxury Demo Theatre.And, we are the authorised dealers of Audio/Video Receivers, Speakers, Projectors, Media Player, Speaker Cables, and Screens for home/commercial applications.I was passionate on music from my childhood. So, i decided to become a Sound Engineer. And, My aim is create Home Cinema equal to International Multiplex Theatre quality.

Great Companies: What are the various services and products provided by your company?

Raja M: We Offers, Dedicated Home cinema Living Hall cinema Theatre Pro-Audio Conference Hall In-wall/On-wall/In-room Speaker systems Projector System Interior Designing Complete Acoustics (Imported) Room Calibration Recliner India Cinematic Floor Mats Cinematic Lighting All types of Air-conditioning (Blue Star)

Great Companies: Why should one choose you over others in this field?

Raja MWe makes the customer more satisfied, comfort, and happily by taking their home or business to next level with MJ Audio.Dealing the whole room designing, seating arrangements, room testing, speaker placements, reflection/Cloud points calculating. And especially "Room calibrating" using by "XTZ RTA" (Real Time Analyser) system in all home Cinema/Theatre.Whatever you want a Small Surround System on your "LIVING HALL" (OR) the "DEDICATED HOME CINEMA" of the future, We can create a truly innovative and exciting living space, the kind of home you've always dreamed of.

Great Companies: What are the struggles and challenges you face?

Raja M: Customer Pricing, Import the materials, Educate the customer.

Great Companies: What do you think are the few main things which are most important for a successful business?

Raja M: Customer Satisfaction, Passion on Job.



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