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Rachna Jaggi, Co-Founder at RJTC India LLP

Great Companies: Can you tell a little bit about the company RJTC INDIA ?

Rachna Jaggi: RJTC is Coaching and Consulting LLP firm specifically in Finance & Accounts & Business with specialization in International Financial Standards, IND-AS, Indian GAAP, US GAAP. We also Provide Finance for Non finance and customised trainings on other financial & Accounting subject . We are also going to start mentorship programme to encourage entrepreneurship , Business & Leadership Coaching programmes in current year 2021

Great Companies: What makes RJTC INDIA different from hundreds of other Training & Consulting firms ?

Rachna Jaggi: RJTC India provide trainings in International Financial Reporting Standards, for Diploma in IFRS (ACCA,UK) in which Major International firms like Big 4 CA firms are playing .What makes RJTC India different is experience and capabilities .We provide blended benefits of Professionalism and capabilities of international big firms & personal touch of small companies . I am one of the Pioneer IFRS trainer in India .I have already trained over 9000 F&A professionals and have conducted more than 20 batches of Diploma in IFRS (ACCA,UK). Trainings are provided by Cofounders themselves having expertise in the field .The RJTC Indis's client knows very well the Go-to person which brings comfort ,trust and ease to the client which is our primary focus. Client first is one of our non compromising values. You can say , its an organisation with face. We provide customised training with personal touch flexibilities according to the client needs. We believe in building relationships instead of doing transactions. It has resulted in getting good referrals from our clients and getting repeated business .

Great Companies: What are the various Training & Consulting Services provided by your company?

Rachna Jaggi:

We provide trainings in the field of International Financial Reporting standards, training for Diploma in IFRS (ACCA,UK) New Indian Accounting standard(IND-AS), Indian Gaap , US GAAP, Finance for non Finance and other customised Finance and accounts trainings for Corporates as per requirements. We are also introducing mentorship programmes to encourage entrepreneurship and Business & Leadership Coaching programmes in 2021.

Great Companies: What are the struggles and challenges you face?

Rachna Jaggi: Struggles and challenges are similar to as generally faced by smaller companies, with Big International Players in the field. We are combatting it with providing personal touch to our high quality services to the client with values of Client first, commitment & Integrity

Great Companies: Why Continuous Learning is Important in this Era

Rachna Jaggi: Only thing which is constant in this world is “Change”. To stay relevant with changing times and grow, Its important to change and upskill oneself. There is no better example than the situation of Covid-19 which overnight changed the way , businesses are conducted. Traditional business has give in. Digital business has taken place. The learning landscape is dramatically changing and individuals are focusing on pursuing a professional qualification and snapping out of the traditional face-to-face learning to a more of online learning. There are several significant trends that point towards the changing world order. These trends have a direct impact on how , to thrive, organizations would function in the future and the skills needed, as an individual. This truly unprecedented situation has compelled organizations to think and reinvent themselves. Both for an individual and an organization the spotlight is on Learning and development . For an individual to play a critical role in driving this change, it is essential that they learn, evolve and adapt their skills.

Great Companies: How do you plan to grow in the future? What does 5 years down the line look like for RJTC INDIA?

Rachna Jaggi: Our plan 5 years down the line is to grow exponentially to be the leader in the field, adding more services to our portfolio , gaining larger market share , not only domestically but also internationally. Building Mentorship programmes to encourage entrepreneurship.



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