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PUSHPA L PATIL - Great Companies Women Entrepreneur Award Winner 2020




Company Details

Business for a women in Tier 2 cities is still a dream, Mrs. Pushpa L Patil, who hails from a Hubli, a city where women are considered to be Housewives, she too was a Housewife but was very entrepreneurial in nature, she loved to cook and one day she thought why not monetise the skill she had, this is how Poorva Food Products was started in the residence of Mrs. Pushpa, soon people started loving the wonderful taste of Kadak Jowar Rotti (an Indian Bread made of Sorghum which is crispy in nature) and her products had a some religious buyers, this lead her to think that why shouldn’t the North Karnataka Food be Packaged in a way MTR or Haldiram's products are and sell it through retail in major cities of Karnataka. In 2011, she employed two women to cook and package the food products, and one man to do sales in nearby cities of Hubli. In two years, there were 12 women working in production and sales was all over Karnataka. Mrs. Pushpa Believes it was all possible because they maintained the quality of the product and it was the taste of these products which reminded people about their home food. She says the marketing was all through word of mouth and different press coverings. Now after 6 years, Poorva Food Products has sales all over the world, and is now the largest manufacturers of Kadak Rotti and other Karnataka food Products.

What challenges have you overcome to reach where you are now

The biggest challenge was to convince the retailers to try the products and show the quality of the products to customers. Myself and my company motive is Quality and never a Quantity. I had to be on streets walking around each and every stores to ask if they could sell my products in there stores. But retailers never care about the quality they look for there profit. But thats what make me take the challenge and i started distributing free products so everybody could know what i meant about the products which i have and there health benefits. The more details i have attached a email and sent, so please go look into the email.

What message you want to give for other aspiring women entrepreneurs

Never give up, if you know you have the best the keep trying. One day you will be there where you want to. There is no shortcut to success. I have seen myself coming from scratch and working myself. Proud that i am presently owner of a company having 50 women employees

To what do you attribute your success

All this was successful only because my family was a backup and never made me loose hope. I had lot of falls, its not that i was owner of a company overnight. It took all the hardwork for 10 years and now all this can be see with one side of a face.

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