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Priya Singh Dubey Emerging Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2021

Name : Priya Singh Dubey

Business Name : Zophop Technologies Private Limited

City : Navi Mumbai (Maharashtra)

Country : India

Website URL :

About Brand/Company : Founded in 2014, Chalo is a technology-driven transport-solutions company with the aim of making bus travel better for everyone. The idea behind starting Chalo was to improve the public transportation system in India, making it more efficient, reliable and a preferred choice of commute for everyday travel.

Having implemented our integrated journey planner – the Chalo app - in 23 cities across India to offer live bus tracking services, and as the pioneer of cashless payments for buses in India, Chalo is the preferred partner of many smart cities in the country, helping them in their mission to increase the adoption of public transport among the residents.

For a consumer, Chalo provides three key tech-led services:

1) Chalo App: A live bus tracking app through which consumers can track their bus and see its live arrival time. This means no more waiting at a bus stop – you can plan to arrive at the bus stop just 1-2 minutes before your bus. The app also contains other features like Trip Planner, Emergency SOS, Live Passenger Indicator and Live Bus Service Updates.

2) Mobile Passes / Tickets: Available through the Chalo app, users can buy their bus passes / tickets on the Chalo app and simply scan their QR code to travel. This means no more trips to the pass centres again, for the lakhs of students and other passengers who use bus passes to travel.

3) Chalo Card: An NFC touch-to-pay card which can store a prepaid wallet and a multi-trip ticket (e.g. monthly pass). It provides for a hassle-free and contactless payment solution for bus travel where users no longer need to worry about carrying change for their bus travel.



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