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Priti Waghela- Founder and Director of Natyam Dance Academy

Great Companies: Can you commence by telling a little bit about your startup? Priti Waghela :‘Natyam Dance Academy’ is a 18 years old dance institute that provides services in training and teaching dance as a form of art.We focus on developing a platform that tries to provide opportunity to train our students professionally.Our aim is to educate our students about dance from all the aspects both theoretically and practically. Great Companies:What are the various kinds of dance forms taught in your academy? Priti Waghela:Dance forms taught in our academy are as follows- Bollywood, Rajasthani, Chauv, Western, Modern contemporary, hip-hop and many more.

Great Companies:Why would the customers choose you? Priti Waghela :The answer to this is in one word ‘AUTHENTICITY’ Authenticity= what we say, what is our customers’ say in it and how much we believe in our work.It is a connection based on the bond of trust and assurance that we try to build with our customers. It is like a equation A+C=E i.e., Authenticity + Connection = Engagement 

Great Companies:How do you manage to train people in an attractive and interacting way? Priti Waghela :As a dance academy we provide more than just a dance class, we believe in providing education in dance, so that at the end of it every student is well aware of what they are learning and peroforming.Through  work I have managed to encounter a myriad of people from different generations from children and adults to even elders of the family which has added to our experience of dealing with customers of all ages. Great Companies:How do you plan to improve  and  increase your market reach? Priti Waghela :Concept based dance shows and theatrical performance and with the help of social media approach to reach both national and international market.