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Premjeet Singh, Founder at Tech-Tailor Solutions Pvt Ltd

Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Premjeet Singh: I’m a NIFT graduate since 1993 & been in corporate world for over 2 decades. Having work in the corporate I always thought that am a catalyst for adding into someone else’s wealth & such jobs are very transient & risky. So I wanted to create my own future with a unique idea of my business & technical acumen. I found there was a huge gap in tailoring & not many players in that area. Also most of tailoring sector is unorganized & grey. Local tailors carry customers for a ride on product quality & delivery time. Established brands are very expensive & there’s a large base of middle income group who do not fit into readymade garments. This was validated through a survey & that’s how idea of Tech-Tailor came around

Great Companies: What are the various Services provided by Tech-Tailor Solutions Pvt Ltd

Premjeet Singh: Tech-Tailor provides on-demand custom tailoring services enabled through a web platform. Technicians come to your doorstep, take your measurements & offer you fabric options if you do not have your own fabrics. Delivery of tailored products is usually within 10 days of order booking. Customers can either choose a style from our web style library or they can also upload their own style image. The entire process is intended to make customer comfortable with home delivery solution.

Great Companies: What makes Tech-Tailor Solutions Pvt Ltd different from hundreds of other traditional tailors?

Premjeet Singh: Traditional tailors have no commitment on delivery. A very few keep fabric library for customers to choose from. They also use substandard trims & threads in tailoring of garments. Also they have only 1 machine for all garment types. There’s no promise of style which customer may have told the tailor & customer is frustrated when they confront a product which is totally different from what customer expected (mera-wala-style). Fitting is another major issue. Customers are asked to visit the shop several times for fitting rounds. Nowadays most of us do not have the time to keep visiting tailor shop again & again. This is where Tech-Tailor fills in the gap.

We provide doorstep tailoring service to customers so that customers get everything at the convenience of their homes & don't have to step out. Delivery is assured within 10 days. Manufacturing is done from small nominated factories which follow our quality norms & product making methodology. Product so achieved has all ingredients of ready-made product which are produced from large factories. We use body measurements & our algorithm of anthropometric information to get the customer correct fitting on very first make.

Customers can also touch, feel & buy fabrics at home through our swatch books. We buy fabrics on-demand & using customer’s advance payment for funding the same. Our operational system is very lean. Our in-house design team help customers achieve their unique designs & style of their choice

Great Companies: What are the struggles and challenges you face?

Premjeet Singh: Major part is to train the technician for measurements & also soft-skills. This takes time. We’re evolving a mobile based technology to take remote measurements so that customers in any part of India can take their own measurements. Some of the existing technology is also being studied for validation. Roaming tailors must also train on important aspects of customer service. We’re currently rendering our services in Bangalore, Mumbai & Gurgaon/NCR. In order to grow & scale up we’re looking to on-board 3rd party solutions provider for tailors. We’ll also be looking towards nominating workshops in different cities to scale up our operations. All this is time intensive but ultimate goal of Tech-Tailor to become a national tailoring brand. This solution will be quite similar to “Uber of Tailors”.

Great Companies: How do you plan to grow in the future? What does 5 years down the line look like for Tech-Tailor Solutions Pvt Ltd?

Premjeet Singh: As mentioned in the point above we need to grow to min 18-20 cities in India. This will use special software to automate supply chain & control tailor network as well as making sure the customer is delivered within our promised time of 10 days. We’ve also done pilot exercises for overseas B2B customers for more than a year. Our product has been well accepted & this success gives us the courage to open our services for global B2C customers.

Great Companies: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Premjeet Singh: Make sure your cost of the product & profitability is well worked out. If a start-up is purely focusing on VC funding then that’s not going to work out. We’re boot-strapped since inception & except for a nominal seed funding from our incubator Nsrcel we have managed to run our show by funding ourselves. We buy fabrics on-demand. All our customers fund us to buy fabrics through advance payment. We’ve been able to find the right balance of our costing & profitability. This every start-up must keep in mind before venturing out

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