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Preksha Surana of RECODE Design

Great Companies:  Can you commence by telling a little about your business?

Preksha Surana: RECODE is an interior design studio. RE stands for REINVENTING spaces. CO stands for COLLABORATING with clients. DE stands for giving attention to DETAIL. We REinvent spaces into something which is intelligent and practical. We COllaborate with clients to make each space feel welcome and embraced while giving meticulous attention to DEtail

Great Companies:   How do you provide such quality services to your clients? Is it because of your team or your methods

Preksha Surana: We follow a five step process before we start executing the project on site. 

First step being the interview process, where we understand about the clients personality, needs, choices and preferences. 

In the second step we provide a floor plan along with a mood board for the client. The mood board gives the vibe, style and colour combinations of various spaces. 

In the third step we provide 3D renders and walkthrough of all the spaces. This helps the client in understanding how the space would look after completion. 

In the fourth step we make working drawings. This is like an instruction manual for the contractor to understand how the space has to be built. 

Fifth step is budgeting. We provide a detailed budget for the client.

Only after these processes are done do we start the work on site. This is done to avoid confusion and help with transparency. 

Great Companies:  Can you provide a gist of the number and types of services provided by Recode?

Preksha Surana: We design residential as well as commercial projects.  We do designing, supervision of sites and also help with sourcing and selection of materials for various projects.

Great Companies:  How are you able to settle the needs of each of your client in a unique and innovative way ? Preksha Surana: We reflect client personalities in our design by working closely with our clients from the start to the end. Collaboration with various artists is one of our core values. For our projects we collaborate with graphic, fashion and product designers to get the best solutions and aesthetics for our clients.

For us each piece of furniture is like a sculpture and hence attention to detail as well as functionality is extremely important.  

We also have an amazing team of contractors who ensure timely completion and quality work.  

Great Companies:  What do you plan to achieve 5 years down the line?

Preksha Surana: We want to be designing international hotels and residential projects. 

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