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Pravin Balakisan Biyani, Founder at Learnbix - Simplifying Learning

Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Pravin Balakisan Biyani : We launched Biyani Group of Education 5 years ago on 2nd June 2016 with the aim to bring many innovative changes in the field of school education. Biyani Digital Smart Coaching, Biyani Career Institute, Biyani Educational Services, Biyani Eduventure, Learnbix are various wings of Biyani Group of Education. We started with just 2 students and today we have 2000+ students enrolled with us in various courses. After working and creating successful offline learning model, we entered into the online learning model 2 years ago. As our offline infrastructure was strong and modern, it was very easy for our company to do business into the online learning segment also. We currently have the setup of 12000 Sq. Ft. with 10+ modern classroom equipped with all modern technologies. We have tie-up with international brands like Ebix, SmartStem, Classplus, Smartclasses etc.

Great Companies: What are the various Services provided by LearnBix?

Pravin Balakisan Biyani : LearnBix is a modern and innovative learning app for CBSE, ICSE & State Board Students. Currently, we are catering the students of class 5th to Class 10th. Our services are currently offered via various models like android base application, web application, SmartTv content. We focus on Mathematics, Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology), English Grammar and Competitive Exam Foundation for class 5th to 10th.

LearnBix offers thousands of high-quality video lectures from the experts from Kota, Short notes for revision on the concepts, adaptive assessments and tests for the practice, Concepts Shots, Mind-maps, sample papers, NCERT solutions,24 X 7 Doubts Assistance and much more. LearnBix is developed by renowned Biyani Group of Education. It ensures all concepts are well learnt, revised, practiced and assessed. This type of learning helps to build the strong foundation for various competitive exams. Currently, we are providing the educational services which help the students to prepare their school syllabus along with the competitive exam preparation. The student can achieve success in various exams like NTSE, Dr. Homi Bhabha Bal Vaidyanik Exam, Scholarship, Olympiad etc after doing the study from our application.

Currently, we are offering our services for B-2-B and B-2-C segment. In B-2-B Segment, we are offering white-labelled content services for various educational institutions, publication houses, ed-tech companies. We have various courses for B-2-C segment.

In upcoming few months, we are also launching the low-cost and much effective courses for coding, robotics, entrepreneurship aligned with the NEP-20. Our main aim is to reach to the last mile student with our best services in very affordable rates.

Great Companies: What makes LearnBix different from hundreds of other learning Apps?

Pravin Balakisan Biyani :

The application of Learnbix offers many advantages like

The Video Lectures from the experts of Kota consist in-depth knowledge of the concepts in the particular chapter. These video lecture can be accessed from mobile, laptop or TV. A student can download these lectures for offline view.

Every chapter is summarized in Concept Shots. Each concept shot includes all important diagrams, definitions, and formulae for the particular topic.

Detailed topic wise and club tests are provided for the better practice. Various competitive exam base tests are also provided on the topics.

With the performance management system of Learnbix, a student can know how many questions have he/she has attempted, their accuracy, and the average time that they have taken to answer a question with detailed reports. They can compare their parameters with the topper.

Our 24*7 Doubt solving assistance help students to get their doubt cleared via chat or call. A student can simply type the doubt or click the photo of it and send it to our helpdesk. Our expert panel solve their doubts.

We have provided gamified learning for the enjoyable learning environment. There is provision of many educational games to boost the interest of student in the learning. Our application is providing them secure and modern learning environment. We are providing them the services like all the international educational technology companies at very affordable rates. Our subscription starts from 500/- per year.

Great Companies: What are the struggles and challenges you face?

Pravin Balakisan Biyani :

Challenge 1

One of the biggest challenges faced by Learnbix was that to convince the schools and educational institutes to adapt to the e-learning and technology because they were reluctant to accept the change and allow the new entrant like us.

How we solved the challenge?

We provided the full product to the teacher and the principal for the referral. After exploring the content, many schools approached to us for our services. It took us around 2 months to get our first school client.

Challenge 2

Another challenge we are facing from the big giants in the industry. Today the ed-tech industry has became very challenging industry as the foreign funds are coming into it. After the changes made by the China, India is seeing the new scales of investments in the educational sector. The giant players have funds for the excessive marketing.

How we solved the challenge?

We are focusing on the quality product. Our main marketing is our result. We focus on the clients; we fulfil their demands and in return we are getting the positive words from them. This is making our work easier. A good feedback shows better results than an advertisement of lakh rupees. We focus on every feedback.

Great Companies: How do you plan to grow in the future? What does 5 years down the line look like for LearnBix?

Pravin Balakisan Biyani : We are looking ahead towards the bright future of Learnbix. After pandemic the growth of e-learning boosted in the multi-folds. We have completed around six B-2-B deals till now. Now, with our expertise and the great services we are extending our services to various locations of India. Our vision is to become Asia’s most affordable and largest e-learning company by 1st August 2025. Till 2025, we are planning to launch our services in various countries and have 1500+ happy employees. We have a very positive outlook and have been building strong content, team, systems to make this dream possible. In terms of finance, Learnbix is currently bootstrapped and doing business with positive account numbers. In upcoming future, we are looking for the funding agencies for further improvement in our services and content.

Great Companies: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Pravin Balakisan Biyani : For the new and future entrepreneurs, I would suggest to do work in the industry for few days in which you want to start business as it will build your personality with all the traits required for that business. Look around there are many problems in the society and you can provide them the innovative and affordable solution.

Another piece of advice would be that stay customer focused. Solve all their queries. Give them the best services and don’t ignore their complaints. Keep your eyes and ears open and always be quick to adapt to the changing times.

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