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Prateek Kapoor of Giovanni Boutique Furniture Pvt. Ltd

Great Companies: Can you commence by telling us a little bit about Giovani Boutique? Prateek Kapoor: Giovanni Boutique Furniture is a luxury brand that bring a complete range of interior solutions for our clients. The philosophy was to bring the idea of affordable luxury to India without the slightest bit of loss in quality and feel. We customise each and ever one of our products based on our clients or the architects needs paying attention to every detail. We aim to provide the best in class comfort and style and educate our clients by informing them about the materials that we will be using to make their products, hence making it very niche and unique. With our brand presence across the world we cater the world in the Home, Luxury office and Hotel segments. 

Great Companies: How did Giovani Boutique come into being? What is its success mantra? Prateek Kapoor: The idea of Giovanni Boutique Furniture came in to existence when I (Director) was building my own house. The number of variants and options available, the lack of proper knowledge provided by the manufacturers, the constant dealing with labour, disrupted and delayed deliveries but most of all the lack of attitude to take responsibility when things go wrong.  What makes us different -  We follow a studio based approach wherein we have samples and aesthetic designs for the clients to choose from. Instead of a showroom based approach where one is expected to pickup goods and that’s it, we believe in customising the dreams of an individual and fine tune them to whatever they like. It took us years to hone the skills to manufacture everything one can imagine or consider as a scope after seeing  the internet and bring it all under one roof.  We make sure that clients have been provided with a quotation that mentions all the fine details such as the wood type, foam type, polish variant or top coat used etc along with the reference images and a deadline for delivery so that the client is aware and does not have to worry about anything. We allocate a manager for each project so that the clients tensions from initiation to  execution tntil implementation is taken care of. We have innovated and developed technologies that no one else has so far been able to develop hence giving us the additional edge over the rest of the world. We proudly say that we are the only ones who have over 32 different types of silk polishes.  Concluding the segment Giovanni Boutique Furniture was able to taper its expenses and create a lean management system, create an infrastructure that can customise and execute difficult designs and orders, create one of a kind R &D and hence offer our clients products that no one else can , offer complete solutions for all the clients interior needs under one roof (except cloth manufacturing), remove the middle men and create a transparent system which clarifies everything for the client in writing and give the clients a feeling of oneness with the ambiance.  Great Companies: Do you have your own interior design and space planning staff? What are their accreditations and experience? Prateek Kapoor: Giovanni Boutique has detail designers, architects and pattern designers who aim to create designs and products that are practical and unique. We do have a team of architects with majors in B.Arch and M Arch from various institutes in India. We at Giovanni Boutique work with architects across India based on their designs as manufacturers alone. It is our belief that creativity needs expression that we try and execute at our workshop, if an architect wants to execute their own design. Hence we execute the architects design with the architects name and do not replicate it anywhere else. We believe that the only true form of expression is creativity. 

Great Companies: What is Giovani’s idea of great service, and how do you enforce it? Prateek Kapoor: The environment around Giovanni’s boutiques have been created in a way that it transports the clients to a different world as they walk in. We want them to see the world through our eyes, experience the Giovanni Way Of Life and see the fine print that the world does not want to show them. Our dedicated manager showcase a walk through -  the studio in order for our clients to understand what they actually want and what they can expect out of a product.  Once the client finalises what they want we give a copy of the order on a letterhead with all the details mentioned and begin work. Our clients are free to schedule a visit to the workshop whenever they want to see their products come into existence. We deliver the goods on time, wherein our team along with the manager arrange the products on site (For big orders) and then have them checked by our clients for any imperfections. It flows in a sync, its absolutely tuned to suit our customers needs and requirements. We ensure that our clients world is a beautiful one.  Great Companies: Do you have any references or client testimonials that we can add in our article? Prateek Kapoor: We have a lot of reviews on Facebook - 

1. Very good collection n quality very good@reasonable n affordable prices 2. I was recommended by a friend as I had been looking for upholstery and decor for our new home in Delhi. Everything was customised exactly how my parents wanted it to be and completed and delivered without delay. Looking forward to the furniture for our dining and bedrooms. 3. Very friendly people with nice range of collections perfect to fit in most theme, they tailormade your requirement as well.



Aug 08, 2022

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Aug 08, 2022

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